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RUN NO. 2273 SPG 462-86 SG HANCHING 13MAR12

RUN NO. 2273
DATE: 13 MAR 2012

As usual I came straight from work and heard the horn when I parked my car.

After quickly signing in, I rushed to catch up with the other hens, which was not easy as it went up the first steep hill. Reaching the top of the hill we turned right on to one of the main trails of this area.

So along I went on the ridge for a while until there was a left turn going down towards the river and soon I found the blue paper indicating the first check.

Crossing the river we turned right and “OH NO” they made us climb that damn hill!!!! Finally after huffing and puffing I made it to the top, where we turned left again. At least now it was going down the hill and not the other way around. We crossed the log which has mushrooms (some of you might call them fungi) growing on it, just beautiful!

At some stage we turned to the right, going further down until we reached the tip of the swamp, crossing some deep water hole and reached a field. The hens were still scattered in the area checking for the “on” paper. Finally someone called and there we went, back into the jungle.

“Oh No” not another hill to climb, but at least it wasn’t as steep as the previous one. Reaching the top of the ridge, soon we were back down the hill, which we first climbed up.

Thank you hares for this great run.

Sorry, I had to leave right after the run, but here are some notes from my co-hare Eastern Promise:

The Shout up was at Jane’s house across the other side of Jalan Muara and everyone was asked to wear something green, as we celebrated St Patrick’s Day. A lot of hens took an effort and dressed up; some of them looked really nice. Prizes were given to runners finding shamrocks in the jungle.

Jane was given a hash handle and from now on is called “Sticky Rice”.

Finally Satu Lagi and Annabel were given the hashit for indicating the wrong hash site.

The food afterwards was not to be missed. Thanks a lot to the hares for the yummy feast and fruits afterwards!

On On Peahen

By the way, when I picked up the signs last week, I found them in a really sad condition. A big "Thank you" to our honorary member Juergen for the new signs!! and our member Bini Hutan for her support.

NEXT RUN: LUCKY GARDENS Spg 452-48 Jalan Muara, Kg Sg Hanching

HARES: Peahen/Eastern Promise

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