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RUN NO. 2275 - MENTERI LINK 27 MAR 2012

RUN NO. 2275
DATE: 27 MAR 2012
HARES: GI Jane/Sid
FRONT HORN: Fertile Myrtle BACK HORN: Erin/Alice in Wonderland

A rather grey day out on the Mentiri highway. Perhaps the burst of rain not long before the horn blew contributed to the low turnout or perhaps hens were still on holiday, but the keen souls who did turn up eagerly awaited their chance to ascend into the depths of the Salimbigar jungle. Actually it turned out to be more the heights of the jungle, as after we had waded through the bracken to the left of the waterpipes, the trail began to climb. First check was soon found by the eagle eyes of Mad Margz and the hens continued to toil ever upwards. Second check proved rather more elusive and after much calling, clucking and wagging of tail feathers, Ready Mix finally discovered the on-trail up the hill and over a ridge. The by now widely scattered Hens struggled up any way they could (in some cases making their own trail through the undergrowth) to get back on paper. The trail carried on (and often up. Note: It is a weird phenomenon that runs in this area always seem to contain more up trail than down trail.) through some lovely areas of jungle. A third check was found by Fertile Myrtle and knowing the end was not too far away the hens ran, strolled, and stumbled down the final path coming out of the bracken next to the starting point.

Most hens gradually trundled down the road to GI Jane’s new abode at Simpang 420 on Jalan Muara but final numbers at the shout up were probably only about 20-25. A decision was unanimously made to have a ‘sitting meeting’ so hens gathered in a circle, relaxed in their chairs, drinks in hands, with the familiar background sounds of can tabs being pulled and peanut shells being cracked. There was one first time guest, Heather (what a lovely name!), from Scotland who is directing a visiting theatre company working at ISB. Never Wrong was piled with praises and heartily applauded for her achievement of her 350 runs award. There was one lot of hash shit given out, and Smurf updated us on Magic Roundabout’s latest adventures since leaving Brunei. By now the aroma of hot soup was pervading the night air and hungry hens lined up for their piping hot bowl of lentil soup and delicious brown bread. As the stars twinkled far above, happy hens slowly folded their chairs and wended their way home.

NEXT RUN: SPG 378 SG AKAR (Water tower opp rubbish dump)
HARES: Madmarg/Karlene

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