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RUN NO. 2263 DIPLO - 3 JAN 2012

RUN NO. 2263
DATE: 3 JAN 2012
HARES: Alison/Cheryl/Smurf/Possum

Words written by Wordbird:

A group of very chatty hens gathered for the first run of the year for a celebration of Hogmanay, which we now all know is a celebration of the last day of the year! There was some relief in certain hen quarters when Alison told us the run was not very long, with the excesses of the previous few days weighing heavily upon us - literally! After some minor confusion about which path to follow, we descended down a slippery slope, with the jungle noises no competition for the hens, as they were easily drowned out by sound of hens catching up after the Christmas break, mostly telling woeful tales of husbands not stepping up to the mark with anything sparkly, children eating chocolate by the kilo, and a general feeling that although Christmas is wonderful, for many women it's even better when it's over!

The first check came early and was found quite quickly after some searching and we then proceeded to scramble up and down the hills, and across streams a few times with no one escaping the delightful feeling of mushy, muddy water swirling up and around our legs - almost as good as a Zen treatment - and all for free!

Darkness seemed to descend early as we ventured deep into the bowels of Diplo and some of us temporarily lost the paper, torn between crossing another murky looking stream or tackling an unfriendly looking pile of arbus horribilis (ok, I made that up) and for some of us, only the thought of a smooth flowing green or blue at the end kept us going. Eventually, thanks to the dulcet squawks of hens, we found our way back to the paper and out, after a brief dalliance with some ferns, to throw ourselves upon the mercy of what was contained in the eskys... and thus salvation.

Little did we know that our biggest challenge was ahead of us in the form of the Impossible Hogmanay Quiz which I think even the Scottish people couldn't answer. - and they'd written it - but it was all great fun, and were given a momento by Smurf, which most of us will use as fridge magnets but the more adventurous amonghst us might try to eat.

Amid all this mirth and merriment we realised that a hen was still in and probably lost by now and for the second time in as many weeks, some angelic hens ventured forth to rescue said hen, who emerged unscathed although maybe dazzled by Madmargz lamp after the black shadows of deepest, darkest Diplo.

Still no hashit but we welcomed Karlene as a first time guest and Shantal was awarded a cup for 50 runs ... Congratulations!

Thanks to the hares for a great first run of the year and the delicious soup and bread.

Slainte mhor a h-uile la a chi's nach fhaic

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Anna M.

NEXT RUN: DST - Please bring a plate of food to share.
HARES: Dizzy & Satu Lagi

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