Tuesday, January 17, 2012

RUN NO. 2264 DST 10 JAN 2012

RUN NO. 2264
HARES: Dizzy/Satu Lagi
FRONT HORN: Hash Hound BACK HORN: Trailblazer

Lots of eager Hens were strutting about, waiting for the horn, only this little hen is obviously hard of hearing as she didn’t hear the horn, and so ended up slowly pottering down one of Brunei’s best ‘road to nowheres’. It’s a sneaky little upwards road, which makes running all the more arduous.

However, knowing this site rather well, I suspected where the checks may be, and lo and behold, the first one was to the left at the bottom of said sneaky uphill road, and the on on paper was duly to the right, found I think by Call Girl.

So off we trotted to the right, which was a gentle downhill, easier on the pins. And we met a check towards the bottom of the hill, and the paper was on into the jungle to the right, I’m sorry to say I can’t remember which hen found it as I was busy going round in circles amidst some trees and bushes.

Good running trails led us out onto the gas line, where myself and Squeak were very sneaky, knowing the trail would go right and take us out, we waited ‘til checking was called, and called the on paper, and so we had some good running down the gas line, across a swampy bit, a few hiils then right and out towards the tent. A great runners run - thank you last minute hares!
The shout up was very well shouted up - with a pertinent reminder that ladies cannot just sign in and pop round the hash without any guidance or member taking responsibility for them. We all know how easy it is to get lost and how unforgiving the jungle can be, so let’s keep an eye out for rogue hashers who may need some guidance :-)

As usual, the ‘bring a plate’ makan provided a veritable feast, we really excelled ourselves. And as a result I personally would love Glamour’s dahl recipe! The night pleasantly progressed, with convivial banter and giggles under darkening, starry Brunei skies! Another perfect hash! This week is a very FLAT run, very easy to follow, but the terrain will give you hens a good work out! On on!

NEXT RUN: KM 22.5 Coastal Highway Opp UBD
HARES: Possum/Pee Wee

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