Friday, January 20, 2012

RUN NO. 2265 KM 22.7 17 JAN 2012

RUN NO. 2265
DATE: 17 JAN 2012
HARES: Possum/Pee Wee

We arrived swerving off the highway, as the entrance is quite tight,
to find a large bunch of ladies hashers ready to go on this Tuesday

A beach walk near Tungku Jerudong is always lovely, so we set off
in a largish pack. Sid and I were way behind the back horn (GI
Jane), but the scenery and flat road track was pleasant, so on we
went. No wet swamps, river crossings or other delays, just a lovely
meander up close to the Empire beach and then back along the
sandy shoreline. As we were finishing off the sunset was displaying
pink, orange and pale blue hues and all was well with the

A lovely, quite rowdy shout up for us girls, and a new visitor, who
claimed Welsh heritage! Prior to the shout up, she was very interested in
the beer and token organisation. Thank goodness we gave her a beer and
a song to relieve her thirst. An Aussie joke with a kind of black humour
to keep the crowd happy; a few messages including mention of the Burns
Supper and the hashshit was undeliverable as the hasher who forgot to
sign out, had already scarpered! The hares put on a lovely healthy dinner
of a cold repast of rolls, cold meats, and salads. The stars were out and all
was well with the world.

NEXT RUN: Tanjung Bunut Kanan, Off Jalan Tutong
HARES: Legally Blonde & friends (Aussie Day run)

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