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RUN NO. 2266 - TJ BUNUT KANAN 24 JAN 2012

RUN NO. 2266
DATE: 24 JAN 2012
HARES: Legally Blonde/Jo

The sky looked a bit shady and the rain stayed away during the run. The pool looked inviting and plans for a swim after seemed very possible.

5.15 p.m. came and off we went out of the gates, up the hill - good for a warm-up and then along the culvert into the jungle. Evidence of Monday's deluge made many places slippery and soon we were wading through mud, and more mud. Very pretty trails as usual and we were soon into the thick of the jungle. Did not catch up as to who found the checks but the trails were laid through and as promised - it was indeed a lollipop although with quite a long stick! Congratulations to all who persevered and trudged through all the mud and was rewarded at the top with a view towards Jalan Tutong and a few bits of the pylon line.

Once back at Legally Blonde's compound the outside shower was a welcome to wash off all the mud, instead of the usual few bottles of water at the back of the car. A real toilet and a sink to wash your hands after! A few hens braved the pool as it started to drizzle and shout up commenced. Possum was busy dishing up her usual delicious "hootch" as we got ready for the shoutup. Hares and fellow Aussies were thanked for the run and food - real sausages with an array of salads and toppings to go with our rolls.

Returning hasher and past JM "Puteri" who now resides in Kuala Lumpur, was welcomed and hashits were given to some offenders over the past weeks. To name a few, lined up against the pool were Dizzy, Melissa, Pee Wee ... and (oh dear) my memory is fading! Pee Wee for the worst offence having lost and found the hashit, but Dizzy volunteered to get wet.

A quiz followed and prizes given out. Yours truly got the booby prize with the least correct answers - I thought I had done really badly but checked to see and found that I actually got 9 right compared to the top results of 21. Cute koala bear keyrings as prizes were given out and well received.

Thank you Legally Blonde for the hospitality and another Australia Day run done.

This week's run at Mata-Mata to celebrate Chinese New Year is not too strenuous although the advice is to practice good sense. The Chinese girls and friends have prepared a sumptious meal for the on on and we dont want to be late for that. Wear red for the shout up if you remember.

HARES: Trailblazer/Readymix

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