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RUN NO. 2214 DST 25 JAN 2011

RUN NO. 2214
DATE: 25 JAN 2011
HARES: MagicRoundabout/Smurf
New Members: McKat Kyle, Mc Heulwen Byford, & McTamsin Harris
Guests: McTiffany & McPatricia

Awards: Domestic McGoddess celebrated 200 runs

Returning Member: Bini McHutan

The Clan: McCheryl, McKaren, McPee Wee & McPossum

The tartan and Scottish flags were flying high as the Hens arrived for the Burns Birthday Bash Hash Run. The traffic chaos of the Precious Parking Lassies (or the Mc Mad Maids) was a hoot mon! Dancing 4WD’s is such fun to watch. With a further hoot and a toot from McTango, off the clan went into the slippy slidey trail. With a whoop and a holla we sloshed and slipped along the open path. A lovely wee babbling brook was crossed. Then a wee pond was found and a ‘ooo vampires don’t like water’ caused but a ripple. Ye Hairs! Yer fibbed aboot not much water! There were many a brown bum to be seen. Some good hacking had been done to help us find the way, although a possum was found wandering around at the bottom of a hill looking for paper. What a walker and talker checking? But no she was just trying to find the picture of Oor Rabbie Burns to get her reward – typical Scot!

The trail became dry and wandered through bamboo, moon-scape but no more hills to be had, apart from the long lazy climb through “Residential Folly”. A nice walk back to end the run. Checks were found without a worry and all the hens were out in good spirits.

McSqueak held the hoose to attention and the shout up began. Hares wearing very funny coloured clothing, Och! Twas the tartan, were cheered. New members were hailed and our Sassy Classy visitors were welcomed. A call for the Hashit loomed and McTrailblazer was arrested for not signing in but cunningly signing out and in on her return. A kind hearted Mc Magic Roundabout shared the gong. A quiet evening for the jokes but entertainment prevailed in the “Ode to the Haggis” and a frightening sight it twas. McSmurf wielding a parang over a haggis is one scary experience. The rest of the clan in various folds of tartan played the lip bagpipes with a salute to the beloved spirit. Those who thought they would get a wee dram for finding Robbie Burns in the jungle were sorely disappointed when they were offered poetry from The Baird to read. The lilt was just not as it intended but McMagic soon deciphered our birthday boy’s words.

With tasty buns (but alas no neeps) and shortbread washed down with some cheer the night descended with a jig or two from the lassies.

On On

NEXT RUN: TANJUNG BUNUT KANAN (Australia Day celebrations)

HARES: Legally Blonde/Jo

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