Thursday, January 20, 2011

RUN NO. 2213 - SPG378 SG AKAR 18 JAN 2011

RUN NO. 2213
DATE: 18 JAN 2011

It all happened in the Year of our Hash 2050, when Hash Matriarch Duchess was 1150, Grandma Sue was 500, Miss Pink 200, Velma 150 and Baby Melissa was only 50.

It came to pass that there went out a decree from Readymix that all the hash should be taxed and everyone was to assemble at the Subok Watertower. Hashers gathered from near and far and set off to follow the horn into the jungle hoping to avoid the burning bush or more likely the proverbial flood! Meanwhile, there were in the same country, hashers guarding the tent by day – namely Survivor, Tina, Duchess and Miss Pink. As we followed a well worn trail along the ridge it became increasingly clear that we might indeed have to follow the star as the late afternoon got gloomier. Before first check the trail dipped swiftly down to the river where many were baptized. Squeek and I turned tail and headed back, having met the 3 Wise Hashwomen and their dog Storm at the meeting of the ways. These seasoned ladies had laid 2 trails to separate the sheep from the goats, and as we met the frontrunners of the shorter run, we realized that last shall be first, as Virgin Back Horn Shantal, came out first, and lo, Magic Roundabout, the front horn, came out almost last! This was just after the Alison the Wise checked the board and said “Where is she, who has the horn? For we have seen a light in the bush!”

And so we all took up our chairs and gathered under the closely guarded tent, to pay our taxes and listen to JM Squeek delivering her first solo Sermon on the Mount. Verily I say unto you, she said ,We would like to thank the 3 Wise Hashwomen for a lovely run and we also congratulate the awardees, Duchess who must have been oft times reincarnated to reach this amazing number, Sue, Miss Pink, Velma and Melissa. Readymix and Noerelle told some great jokes, announcements were made and just when we wondered if the night was going to end in famine, it became a feast. The Wisewomen delivered us delicious soup, scones and cake – who needs gold, frankinsence and myrrh? Hopefully we didn’t partake of the last supper!! Once again, thanks Alison Cheryl and Sue.

And as always when drouthy neebors, neebors meet, the meek inherited the beer and as the misty night, reminiscent of a summer night in Scotland, turned dreich with a steady drizzle, the hardcore ,who are definitely aff their heids, got quietly bevvied, and were caught texting the earlybird leavers in the morn, with tales of Ye missed yersel last night, we all got blootered!!!

Tonight is Burn’s Night, an event celebrated on 25th January around the world, to pay homage to Scotland’s famous bard, Robert (Rabbie) Burns. He is famous for his love poems ‘My luv is like a red, red rose’, Tam O’Shanter’ ghostly tale, To a Mouse, Address to a Haggis and countless others. You might find some Scottish connections later in the night.


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