Wednesday, January 05, 2011

RUN NO. 2211 DIPLO - 4 JAN 2011

RUN NO. 2211
DATE: 4 JAN 2011
HARES: Mad Marg/Domestic Goddess/Karin

It was raining. It was wet.

Wearing raincoats. Wearing hats.

Horn a blowing.

Hash starts a walking.

Up the hill. In the rain.

Nice ridge track. In my tummy a pain.

Up ahead GI Jane in sight

Tummy rumbling. What’s for dinner tonight?

Heard the check. Still far away.

Up another hill. Wind blows. Trees sway.

Slippery slopes Sliding Slipping

Falling down I am screaming

Oh Crap and a half

R we almost out? I asked

“I think so” Jane says

“I see the water tower” I say

Where are we I wonder

Why it’s the Subok water tower

It’s an A to B run

Im glad I went in for the fun

On the bus we all go

Steamy bus off to diplo

Raining still clouds are dark

Twas like a walk in the park

Shoutout time hurray

Down down for the hares

Please tell those still at home

That the hash needs another horn

Hash-shit given to MadMarge

For a sign lost in the dark

On On but before you go

Next week’s run is again at diplo

Tomato Soup and fresh made bread

The perfect rainy day spread

It’s great to see people from far and near

Back from the holidays. Happy New Year


HARE: Sarong

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