Saturday, February 05, 2011


RUN NO. 2215
DATE: 1 FEB 2011
HARES: Legally Blond/Jo
SITE: Tanjung Bunut Kanan - Australia Day run

All - well some, of the ladies prayed that the day would be dry so that we could have a good run as the hares would have worked hard to give the coup a good workout before tucking into the Aussie tucker.

Alas, no sign of rain in sight although a bit overcast. I was glad as it was to be my first proper hash after my accident and I was only going to go round if it was not wet. JM Squeak promptly handed me the back horn and I took up the challenge. Off we went on the sound of front horn of Ryvita and up the hill towards the stream and into the usual in-trail. Pretty trails and it was not long before we had to wade through the stream, crossing it more than once - lost count. Up a few or was it lots of steep embankments which could only be accessed with pulling oneself up, and up. Readymix had caught up and wondered how I managed!

Ahead, I could hear the bells and soon caught up with Karin (on her 42nd jaunt through the jungle with the ladies hash before returning to NZ over the weekend), and Aunty Lynn having a good chat as they strolled through the jungle. We passed througth pretty trails with quite a few trips and on we trotted, till we got to the out with the sight of the pylon trail. On the ridge we had spotted some "Singha" and was told that a little Koala was perched there for one of the front runners to find. There was only one check which was found by Satu Lagi and I was too far behind to catch up. All out safely before it got dark.

We were greeted upon signing out with Australia Day jandals, a bookmark and collected some lucky draw tickets.

At the shoutup, we farewelled Karin and one guest - Jo was welcomed. No hashit was given and we were entertained by the Australian motley crew with their funny accent which I am not sure if everyone understood. Great giveaways were drawn with many lucky winners, and the night was not over before a chook raffle was drawn. The prize was actually a bbq pack, with rissoles, chicken pieces, some sausages..... yummy - Melissa being the lucky hasher. The great cocktail now almost a signature drink by possum must not be forgotten as well.

Thanks ladies for the great evening and food.

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