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RUN NO. 2212 DIPLO - 11 JAN 2011

RUN NO. 2212
DATE: 11 JAN 2011
HARE: Sarong

Yet another week of hashing with thunder and rain to dampen underfoot, but judging by the array of raincoat clad hens, not enough to dampen our spirits. The in trail led us to the right and down until we got to a log bridge, past some little wild orchids and pitcher plants (which I totally missed seeing, but Alison and Cheryl spotted). Auntie Lynn and Hot Lips were just ahead of me doing a good deed to those behind us by picking up most of the paper and laying it in the branches. Even right at the start the paper was pretty soggy and easily trampled in.

After a long trudge uphill and then heading to the right through trails of bracken we came across first check. It was a good 15 to 20 minutes before the on paper was found by Alice in Wonderland. It was a back check quite a long way back and somehow, the horns didn’t seem to have picked up the paper as they went back from the check, which I did until we got to the correct on trail off to the right.

Luckily, the rain had started to ease so we could enjoy the lovely trail down. Dizzy and Mad Marg were so busy chatting, they managed to go off paper, with myself and some others blindly following. We all soon realised and back tracked and it wasn’t long before the calls of ‘on paper’ for 2nd check were heard from Magic Roundabout. After a very muddy patch at the bottom of the hill, we again went uphill and then down a small ridge. Very pretty trails.

Third check was quickly found by Mrs Pingu. After crossing a deep stream and trudging up the next hill, I decided I was ready to come out – enough for one night. At the top of this hill we thankfully turned left onto the main ridge trail out. My spirits rose and it was an easy walk out. A good length run, with the last hens out by about 6.30 pm. Thank you Sarong for yet another lovely hash – it would have been perfect if the rain had held off.

The shout up began with the usual down down for our hare. There was one first time guest, Emily from JIS. She was Marcella’s guest and wasn’t very well trained, with a bit of coaching necessary from the JM’s, but she said she really enjoyed it. Alice in Wonderland was given a lovely bouquet of flowers as thanks for her hard work as hash cash over the last 3 years. Dizzy related a sticky tale from ‘most embarrassing moments’ on the Jay Leno show on TV. Legally blonde read out an ‘Ode to Christmas’. There were lots of announcements this week. Eastern Promise had found Velma’s glasses that had been lost at Diplo last year! Mrs Pingu advertised Chinese New Year cards on sale – proceeds to RIPAS Occupational Therapy. Dizzy announced a Brunei Music Society event at the Orchid Hotel next Saturday. Smurf gave notice of the upcoming Burns Supper at Serasa on the 27th. Our JM, Squeak, asked if anyone knew the whereabouts of the hash bowls and cutlery. Kids hash and Hetero hash sites were verified. And to end the shout up, Dizzy was rewarded with a dousing of cold water for forgetting to sign out last week – dobbed in by Alice and Wonderland and well taken by Dizzy. Thank you Sarong for the delicious Indian food and a great run, despite the weather.

NEXT RUN: SPG 378 Subok - water tower opp rubbish dump

HARES: Alison/Cheryl/Sue

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