Wednesday, December 29, 2010

RUN NO. 2210 DST - 28DEC2010

RUN NO. 2210
DATE: 28 Dec 2010
HARES: Possum/Madam Sin

As I drove along the highway heading for the familiar site of DST, I was cheered by the sight of a fairly clear sky – no storm clouds in sight. Maybe it is my age or is it that I am English that makes me so preoccupied with the weather, but I do hate trudging through the jungle dripping wet – however not today!!

After a brief chat with new and old friends a squeaky horn was heard and off we all galloped, though I found myself right at the back – talking too much probably. We strolled along concrete pathways, no difficult hills to climb so we had time to appreciate the flora and fauna all around.

First I found a tortoise “ what on earth is a tortoise doing in the jungle – dead at that!!?” I was reassured that it was not a tortoise but a terrapin and definitely not dead – just hiding it’s head from me........ We carried along hearing checks called and found in front of us ... ha ha just the way I like it.

As we came to the third check, I pointed out to Heulwen my second time guest, a high wall on our right – which housed a lake that we would probably circumnavigate – but no, there was a most definite sign telling all hashers to go back the way we came in – no chance of getting lost tonight!!

More was to be seen on our way back footprints, hoof prints Trailblazer pointed out – what!! I thought well the tortoise wasn’t a tortoise so maybe hoof-prints didn’t mean a horse – no silly! Wild Boar!!! Good we didn’t see it, though we could have had it roasted for the on on!

Off we all went again and there was Alice in Wonderland photographing us as we crossed the finishing line.

At the shout up new guests were welcomed ..Yvonne and Vanessa. The other first time guests Norma and Denise didn’t stay for the shout-up and somebody who I won’t mention only missed getting the hash-shit by her absence!!! A cheer and a beer were given to the hares and a lovely supper to end the evening on on...



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