Wednesday, September 08, 2010

RUN NO. 2194 - 7 SEP 10 - DIPLO

Hares: Jenni of the Block/Mani & Sarong
One of the many log crossings
Tango's bracelet found!
Discussions with front horn at check

Back horn Trailblazer
First time guests with JM Ruthless Pursuit
Run celebrants

RUN NO. 2194
DATE: 7 SEP 2010
HARES: Sarong/Jenni of the Block/Mani
FRONT HORN: Ryvita BACK HORN: Trailblazer

The heavens opened at 2 O'Clock and I thought we were in for a very wet Diplo run but fortunately the rain had stopped by 4 O'Clock so we were saved.

When I arrived Tango was excitedly praising Eastern Promise who had found her diamond bangle missing for 2 weeks after the Kids Hash.
It was a smaller number of hares then normal due to CFBT holidays.

The words promised only a few small easy hills but I did not believe them. We started off along the usual Diplo entry and along the trail which luckily had not become too muddy after the rain. There were a few stream crossings but the water was clean and not dirty and the Diplo jungle was lovely and quite cool from the rain.

First check I believe was found by Ruthless Pursuit [I was not far enough ahead to be involved]
and second check by Virginie but after second check we discovered quite early that we were on the out trail so a discussion was held whether to go straight out or to continue along a longer trail which would lead us out. We decided to take the longer route being real hashers and not pikers.

I was out by 6 O'Clock and the hills were easy ones as promised.

The shout up began and there was one first time guest.Alison's sons girlfriend from the UK.I am very sorry I do not remember her name.
Sarong,Jenni of the block,Mani and Alice in Wonderland celebrated a total of 1050 runs between them.Well Done ladies.
Speedo told a joke about a magic penis and we congratulated Cheryl on Seranai singers success at the KK choir competition.

Virginie did not sign out but escaped the hashit as she had already left but the JMs have long memories.

The hares put on a delicious abundance of curries. Thank you very much.

HARES: Madmarg/Never Wrong/Sarah P

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