Wednesday, September 08, 2010


Run No: 2197
Date: 28 Sept 2010

Site: Bukit Mentiri

Hens: Never Wrong, Kellie

Front Horn: Claire C

Back Horn: Sue

After a wonderfully peaceful day off (thank you Teacher’s Day) I was rip-roaring and ready to go to hash. As we were heading to a new site, I left a little early and looked carefully for the sign at the roundabout that was promised (I obviously need my eyes tested again though because I completely missed it, although people arriving after me swore it was there!). Anyway, I managed to spot the next sign and sailed into the appropriate simpang just in time to direct the tent truck to a delightful little clearing next to a rather foreboding hill.

By the time the hash was almost ready to set off my rip-roaring attitude had mellowed to a more gentle ‘I think I’m ready.’ This unfortunate mood swing was decided by some fairly ominous signs of impending stormdom in the form of rain splotches and thunder cracks.

Anyway, we set off at the appropriate time on a proper trail, just for a change, with ropes to help the more feeble among us (i.e. me) up hills, and little signposts stating the distance that each new path would take us before we could get out again. All in all, a very pleasant change.

The views were lovely, but I’m not sure how many checks there were or who found them, as I decided that I didn’t really need to have a shower before I got home. As I was definitely going to have one if I completed the entire hash, I decided that I would short-cut out on one of the well-signposted trails. (Sorry hares!)

Needless to say, the sky opened up and all the stalwart troops who did the hash properly got soaked – congratulations and well done, I like the attitude! Rain kept all formalities to a minimum, there were no jokes or announcements to share or hashit given out as no-one could hear anything. We did have a first time guest, Cath from England – I wonder what she thought of us and whether she will come back?

The hares provided a delicious make-it-yourself burger dinner which was much appreciated by all. Unfortunately the tent flooded underfoot and most hashers were gone by 7pm. Hopefully the wet season will stop (again?!) soon and make our evenings more conducive to longer gatherings.

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