Wednesday, September 08, 2010

RUN NO. 2195 - 14 SEP - DIPLO

RUN NO. 2195

HARES: Mad Marg/Never Wrong/Sarah P



Another week at Diplo, but that’s ok with me because I really like the area. It’s always got lots of hills and I always feel like I’ve had a great workout afterwards. This week was no exception as there were plenty of hills to clamber up. It was a bit muddy this week and the hens all got their feet wet going through the water. Checks were found reasonably quickly and we ended up coming out the same way we came in; a lolly pop route.

After the run Mad Margz was selling some lovely rattan baskets; I brought a huge one which will make a fantastic laundry basket.

There were several first time guests this week. There was Kat from the UK who has been in Brunei for seven years! Seven years without hash — well, better late then never!! Then we had Kerry who was also from the UK but had only been here for three and a half weeks. Lisa from New Zealand was popping over for a holiday (I’m sure the hash will be the highlight) and finally Lena, also from New Zealand who works for CFBT.

Congratulations to Fiona who has now done her 50 runs!!

Then came the jokes of the evening. Cheryl had an interesting joke about a clever poodle and a leopard and Alice entertained the crowd with her joke about being naked when you’re older.

Nobody got the hashit but Virginie must still be in the running for not signing out two weeks ago.

Thank you for a lovely run.

HARE: Jane/Rambling Rose -- on on will be at Janes, Jln Muara

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