Wednesday, September 08, 2010


RUN NO. 2196
SITE: Menteri/Salambigar Link

DATE: 21 SEP 2010

HARE: Jane and Rambling Rose

We have not done a run at Menteri Salambigar for quite a while so it was good to do somewhere different. We commenced the run at a different spot along the road from the usual entrance point and continued along the picturesque trail which weaved in and out .The checks must have been discovered quite easily for as usual I was not far enough ahead to be a part of them.
I originally thought the hares were being kind and that the hills were quite gentle but soon changed my mind after about a half an hour,when we struck at least two challenging hills which proved to test my leg muscles.

There were a few slippery downward slopes and some hens came out with muddy backsides but the weather was kind so we did not get too muddy and dirty. At the shout up one first time guest Marcella from the UK was introduced.Returning hasher Schnapps from Brisbane was welcomed back for a brief visit and she proceeded to shower some hares with beer.

Legally Blonde celebrated her 250th run and we celebrated Janes 50 years strong birthday with lovely cake. Alice wearing the new jokers hat entertained us with an amusing joke.

Once again there were no calls for the Hashit so Mrs Merlot and Bella still hold it.
The hares put on delicious chilli.

Thank You

HARES: Never Wrong/Kellie

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