Monday, August 30, 2010


How to cross a log safely - Sue and Cheryl in action
Nice trails
Easy paths
Looking almost like an English dale
Front horn Ryvita
Avoiding the wet, but we finally had to wade thru!
Returning hasher Marcella
Hashit given with the hose by Not Yet to Bella and Mrs Merlo

RUN NO. 2193
DATE: 31 AUG 2010
HARES: Pee Wee/Ruthless Pursuit
FRONT HORN: Ryvita BACK HORN: Alice in Wonderland

After 4 weeks absence, it was good to come back and see the big crowd gathered at Ruthless Pursuit's house. When I heard that Ruthless Pursuit and Pee Wee (2 seasoned hashers!!! and hetro hashers also!!) had set tonight's run, I was a bit dubious but I needed the exercise as having been in Melbourne in the freezing cold, the only exercise I got there was switching the electric blanket from 0 to 3!!!

Off we ran at 5-15pm with Ryvita leading the way - once we left the driveway of Ruthless Pursuit's house, some of the hens ran to the right but a whistle from one of the hashers soon brought them back to Jalan Muara.

Locals drove past tooting and waving as we made our way down the road, then we made a sharp right turn into the jungle. It was a lovely track well worn and trampled down so it easy to follow up and down and up and down. Thank goodness the ups and downs were gentle - well sort of gentle!!! There was a fabulous view from the top and as we wandered down the hill I kept thinking what a great run.

Alas we then struck the dreaded streams and mud - first of all, there was a bit of screaming as large ants (were they red ants or bull ants - not sure but they were biting little buggers!! and they certainly made us hurry over the first crossing and onto the muddy path and along the stream. So much for keeping clean, this is a hash and all true hashes always have MUD!!!!
As we exited the stream and back onto the path, 2 dogs barking (good name for a wine but I digress!) kept us company until we were back at Ruthless Pursuit's house.

After signing out, we hosed ourselves down and got changed and waited for the shout up. Two guests were introduced - Roslyn who has been here for 3 years and someone else (couldn't hear her name from down the back! (Tamsin I believe. ED) who has been here for 11 years attending their first hash!!!.

Returning hasher Marcella had a down down to celebrate her return.

Bit of housekeeping advice from the JMs - if the paper has fallen into the mud or water and is being trampled over, or wet, could the front runners try and put some paper on the branches - it is easier for the late runners to find their way out - thanks to the hasher for waiting for Mad Marg and co. to come out safely.

Speedo told a joke about a woman wanting to be 12 again - her husband thought she meant 12 years old but she meant size 12 so the moral of the tale was even when a man is listening, he is gonna get it wrong.

Couple of announcements made - Not Yet still selling pot plants and next week's run has been changed to Diplo.

Sarong(one of the Hares for next week's run) was off sick and nearly got me the hashit as she called just as Diva announced we were starting the shout up!!! The phone call was quickly cut off!!!!

Hashit was awarded to Mrs Merlot and Bella - they didn't sign in or out!!!(They did not sign in and was a self confession to the JMs. ED) so Not Yet had great pleasure in chucking the water over them and handing the chooks over to them.

A delicious chicken curry and dahl with big rotis was served for our supper - thank you Hares for a great run and good tucker.

NEXT RUN: DIPLO .... Note change of site

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