Friday, August 27, 2010

RUN NO. 2192- DIPLO - 25 AUG 10

New hen "Rebecca" getting her rules from JM Diva
First time guest including Honey
Hares Beluga/Squeek and Psycho
One of the mater water crossings
Hens waiting for the horn to go off.

RUN NO. 2192
DATE: 25 AUG 2010
HARES: Squeek/Psycho/Beluga

WOW – what can I write after Squeak’s awesome words last week. The use of chicken language was awesome and I didn’t see the word ‘rooster…..’ used anywhere….

Anyhow, me wee chickadees… we all arrived to Lower Diplo on a very very overcast day to find many of our hashers back from holidays and rearing to go. It was good to see everyone coming back nice and safe after their holidays abroad and ladies catching up on all the news.

Claire our front horn started us all off at 5.15pm and away we went. Up the road and in to the jungle and down down to our first wee river crossing – where most people went straight through up to your shins and some tentatively used some old trees across the wee river. One of our first time guests called Honey was assisted across with some coaxing but finally made the plunge into the water and across ….

The hash was lovely and as I was at the rear with Jane chatting away.. we missed the checks but I do believe that Trailblazer discovered the first and I think Ready Mix was on to the next one, not sure about third check sorry. Speaking of Trailblazer….. I also believe she decided to have her evening bath in one of the river pools and had a few hashers concerned when they discovered her wallowing in the water ….. must have been cold!! I was assured she had removed her front pouch with phone etc in and was enjoying her bath!!

The hash contained something for everyone, .. water crossings, mud, trees to traverse, mud, hills, mud, lovely jungle, oh and some mud. Few slippery experiences but all out safe and sound by probably about 6.30ish. It was a really good run and I enjoyed Lower Diplo which I haven’t done for a while.

Then on to the shout up and down down to our hares for a great hash. A welcome to two guests – Meryl (great to see ya finally made it) and Honey (wonderful he/she dog belonging to our lovely Aunty Lynn…)

Then welcome a new member – YAYYYYYY – Rebecca…. You have the rules now so no excuse when it comes to hashit.

Then we had some special awards – Squeak making 100 runs and our Bunny Girl for making 150 runs. Congrats ladies!!!!

We had our very own Speedo deliver us a special joke via Not Yet…

After very quick announcements it was time for hashit….. but alas no one this week!!

Amazing food was provided by our hares but……. Our lovely Duchess had departed earlier with the plates and cutlery still in her car…. So she was contacted and returned with eating implements and away we went!!!

Thank you to our hares for your run and food!!!ed once received.

HARES: Pee Wee/Ruthless Pursuit

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