Thursday, August 19, 2010

RUN NO. 2191 - SPG 378 SUBOK 17 AUG 2010

Run celebrants - Cheryl/Kellie/Peahen
Trips enjoying returning to Brunei hash for a holiday

The hares Alison/Cheryl/Sue/Duchess with JM Ruthless Pursuit
Nice jungle trail at the beginning of the run.

RUN NO. 2191
DATE: 17 AUG 2010
HARES: Alison/Cheryl/Sue/Duchess
FRONT HORN: Readymix BACK HORN: Trailblazer

After brooding over the words all day, here they are:

A larger clutch of hens than we’ve had in the past 6 weeks flocked together tonight, after so many who had flown the coop to go sunny side up returned home to roost. The sign waiting for us from the hens who laid the run certainly ruffled a few feathers with its ominous “very wet and slippery, there are hills, you have been warned” message.

‘Who will help me carry the horn?’ asked our little red hen. Most were too chicken, but Readymix and Trailblazer took up the challenge. We continued clucking about until Readymix egged us on by squawking the horn right on time, then off into the jungle we flew.

The more flighty hens rushed off on the paper pellet trail to first check, which was a back check nuggetted out by Ruthless Pursuit. Second check required a bit more scratching about but was finally found by the well seasoned Magic Roundabout. The very plucky Readymix completed the final check and, after scrambling up a steep climb with some wobbly knees, everyone was out.

Back at the henhouse, the shout up began with a big cheer for the hares. Duchess preened as she was congratulated on her upcoming birthday – her spring chicken status never in doubt. There was a real pecking order for the special awards, with Kellie on 50, Peahen on 350, and Cheryl on 400 – something to really crow about!

Announcements took a more somber tone with the sad news that Velma’s brother passed away. Our thoughts go out to her.

Jane mentioned an away trip to Temburong at the end of the month, Not Yet is a grandmother, and kids hash is on this weekend. We all cracked up after Alice in Wonderland’s Frog Prince joke. Beluga and Not Yet shared some examples of how easy it is to get egg on your face when speaking in English.

Then it was time for hashit. Knowing that the early bird catches the worm, Diva had had a stickybeak at the sign-in board and plucked out two offenders. We all crowed when it was revealed that Serene had not signed in and Not Yet and not signed out.

The food was, of course, finger licking good. It was a very pleasant night, with the last hardy hens finally departing when the sky started falling.

Don’t worry, next time I might shell out on some new jokes!

HARES: Psycho/Beluga/Squeek

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