Friday, June 11, 2010


Hares: Dizzy/Mrs Merlot/Rachel/Bella

Poster adorning the wall at on on

Returning Hasher "Trips" enroute to WIH Kuching

Guests being introduced by JM Diva

RUN NO. 2181
DATE: 8 JUN 2010
HARES: Mrs Merlot/Bella/Rachel/Dizzy

I arrived at the site feeling really tired, thinking this is going to be very hard work!

Tango on the other had was very enthusiastic, she took the front horn and off we went, 5.15 on the dot! Up the hill, up up and UP and onwards.

We arrived at first check and Tango was convinced it was straight on, through the swampy water. I didn't want to get wet.........
instead I decided to go checking up the hill - bad move and definitely the wrong one as I reach the top of the hill I hear Call girl call "On Paper". Oh well, down I go and join Tango as we head off to the next check.

After too much chatting we decide to start running a bit and I stumble onto second check quite quickly. So far the run has been lovely. Familiar routes and we are all enjoying the jungle and it's ups and downs.

New girl Gina and Magic Roundabout are setting a good pace and we follow pursuit.

Magic Roundabout finds third check and at this point I don't feel that tired anymore. I have got new energy and race off towards the calls.
We are almost "home" and arrive at this open area, surely no more checks?
Lots off us arrive and we are all looking and checking, then I spot Alice in Wonderland far far up a hill. Forth check is found and Gina and I run back to sign out!

Lovely run, everyone's out and no ones lost!

We arrive at Rachel's house greeted by 4 Queens!!!
Lovely red satin outfits with glittery tiara's, they looked very Royal, indeed!
It's the Queens birthday and we are served "Special tea" and lots of Regal , lovely food! Very Yummy!!!
Through out the shout up the Royal's sat in the back on their thrones, taking it all in, like the Royals do.

We had guests Jan and Dhany from NZ and the US and also Erin a returning hasher who's passing through on her travels.
The Queens were handing out Special awards and medals to hashers that had contributed in various ways, all very special and entertaining for all of us.
Lastly the Hash Shit went to Possum and Satu Lagi and they returned it nicely by throwing the water back at us all!!

Thank you ladies for such a GRAND EFFORT and use of Rachel's house!

On on - Ryvita

NEXT RUN: Jln Sri Pimping, Muara (Wear longs as it could be prickly as a bit thorny)
HARES: Ryvita/Melissa

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