Tuesday, June 29, 2010


RUN NO.2182
DATE: 15 JUN 2010
HARES: Ryvita/Melissa

How nice it was to have a hash run close to where us muara lepers live.. we usually are the ones who have to traipse half way round Brunei, to get to the next hash.. but today.. it was at our end of the universe.. Hurrah..

The last hash I did here was about 18months ago.. I remembered it well.. as we were searching for the first check for what seemed like hours!!

Anyway.. todays run wasnt like that at all...

We set off up the lane, following a well laid trail of paper... and soon wended our way into the deepest darkest jungle of Muara...

I was fortunate to hear the Checking call so continued down the lane and not into the jungle.. following what I presumed could be the out trail... (funnily enough.. the hares said they saw me and had to lay flat so as not to be seen...) believe me.. I didnt see them!

I heard the ON paper call and headed back to the brooding pack.. (not sure who found what.. sorry)

From here on in we were IN the jungle..

Slippery slithery wet and prickly jungle... NOT my favourite place to be, especially as it had started to rain now.. and seemed to be getting dark.. (Im still Traumatized by the stormy wet diplo hash on margs birthday last year!!!!!!!!)

It became rather boggy and very smelly.. and at this point I was overtaken by two of cath burnetts dogs who decided they were far batter at finding the way through... (and they were)

….. so I decided, there and then... that.. I was going to be a complete wimp and turn back..

I dont like to admit that I turned back.. as I know how much effort is put into laying each and every hash.. and I always kind of feel disloyal... BUT.. im afraid I did wimp out after first check this time...

I walked back though the jungle with Sarah and old lady reflux (Nicole).... we had a good old chat and discussed the merits of us not yomping through the jungle with the others, as the weather was starting to get worse... self preservation won the day today!

I heard the trail took the other (Braver far more hashworthy ladies) over to kapok kanan and then looped back..

The first runner in was the lovely Claire, who was rewarded with a huge round of applause, as the rain was now pelting down... Satu lagi came in next... and somehow I dont think she was impressed with the rain... Nil Point!

The rest of the flock came in in dribs and drabs.. but all were back at the roost safely.

The Down Downs commenced...There was a new member (Please forgive me as I didnt catch her name but shes been here 10 years and teaches at JIS!) there were no special awards and Auntie Lynn got the Hashshit cos A;she could B;it was suggested shes tossed off twice at panaga.and won!. C; there was NO one else! Well taken Auntie Lynn...

Thanks to the hares for the food too...

On On … Pickled lilli (on bahalf of the Committeeeeeeeeeee) (and my last write up b4 I leave!)

Next Run: Lucky Gardens
Hares: Mismanagement

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