Thursday, August 27, 2009


The three guests
Water crossing

Alice in Wonderland with
Glamour - Founding member of Ladies Hash

"Duchess" Veronica - 71yrs old and 1100 runs later

The Hares Tania & Julia

Back Horn - Sue

RUN NO. 2140
HARES: Julia/Tania

A hot still day,
No wind no breeze at play,
Wondered how this run is going to be like,
For us who hadn’t eaten or drank since last night,
Up in the hills parked on a narrow road,
I looked around for my compatriot,
To discover when I called she just woke up,
She said to me, “Don’t wait up”
With hens raring to go,
Along with several chicks in tow,
Off we went when the horn blew,
I went with a light jog feeling whoop de do!
This isn’t so bad after all,
To hash during the month of fast,
Within five minutes the front horn called,
“Checking checking!” was heard by all.
Front horn Anna asked me to check back,
Rest of the hens were coming up the track,
When “On paper! On paper!” was heard,
Ready Mix the one who discovered,
On on,On on we go,
We met The Dutchess,
Who warned us,"Watch out for slippery stones ahead",
Glamour is somewhere close I bet.
I took it easy, nice and slow,
Not knowing how far to go,
With Pee Wee sailing by,
She looked like she could fly,
As I trudged on,
Glamour, we stumbled upon,
Oooh she's in deep,
Fortunately the trail weren't steep,
Will she continue til the end I pondered,
I wasn't the only one who wondered.
Whoever said 'you can't cross the same river twice',
Have not done a hash in their life,We crossed not once, twice, or trice(?)
I lost count which was pretty wise,
Concentrating to keep feet as dry as possible,
When crossing where ever I was able,
passed by a woodcutter site from the looks of it,
Bunny Girl almost tripped from a trap not far from it,
Fellow hens wondered if meant for wild boars,
As we passed by the numerous bamboo groves.
Then Ready Mix announced,
"We're almost out,
"My flagging battery revved,
Yes, I'm saved!
Wina turned up in her blooming pants,
Cow! I thought as she did a little dance,
Teased her for missing out,
And proceeded to tell me why she was all pout.
Better head to Julia's to break the fast,
Food and water, at long last!
The shout up was fun aplenty,
Heard lots of different stories,
Three new chicks were introduced,
Quiche Fanny Waxer was the most amused,
By us all by far the most novel,
Tania still stuck with the chicken squeak,
Was it Dizzy that took the dog's squeaky chick?
We attacked the food with rice and homemade bread,
Thanks Julia and Tania for the filling spread,
Then Julia's wedding album was passed around,
So pretty she was in her red gown,
Love, happiness and not a single frown,
We wish her all the best in married life,
For now she is someone's wife,
I forgot to say Glamour did go all the way,
She's the white rabbit that Alice couldn't carry,
I left the night feeling great,
One by one, everyone soon dissipate,
Until the next gathering of us hens,I bid you adieu until then...

NEXT RUN: Mata-Mata
HARES: Wina/Rozi/Smurf/Trailblazer

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