Monday, August 03, 2009

RUN NO. 2136 - SUBOK 67

Rodzi performing her assignment in earnest!
The Loan Service Team enjoying a nice evening before the haze! Bet, Kellie and Tina I

The Hares - Tania & Hash Baby

DATE: 25 July 2009
SITE: Subok 67
HARES: Tania/Hash Baby
HORNS: Tango/Trailblazer
GUESTS: Mary, Gill & Spot

Arriving at my favourite hash site (not) with anticipation of lots of hilly terrain, I found the words described 2 runs – white paper for a 1 hour RUN (yeah right!) up and down the ridges of Subok, and yellow paper for a revitalizing 30 minute stroll for the hens who have had a hard day (that’s me). Oh no! It was my turn to write the words and my co – hares had some great excuses for doing the short run, so I got the short straw and the long run. So off we all went like mountain goats up the first cliff face and continued to go up, up and up until we hit an open ridge with great 360 degree views. Apparently, this was where the short walkers were meant to turn around and head back down and out on another track.

Just as I hit the summit, Suzie said they were checking below and left, so I thought I had better check out the track to the right – found paper, but it was dubiously old, so I went back and down left to join the rest of the long runners. The call of ‘on paper’ was heard a long way distant, so I continued on down the steep slope until I got to a large log bridge. Apparently, first check was found just before this bridge by most of the front runners because there wasn’t much gap between the check and the on paper.

The hash continued up and down for quite a while until it wound its way down past a waterfall. After that, I really confirmed how unfit and tired I was as the walk became a bit of a blur, just putting one foot in front of the other. All I could focus on was making it out and a lot of the scenery was wasted on me. The vague sound of a distant horn was heard, waking me out of my reverie – that must be second check found (Pee Wee), but that meant there was still a long way to go.

After a very long, steep down my knees were really starting to complain, so I was relieved to follow a stream on the valley floor for a good while. We crossed over at two lovely little pools and then crossed over a larger river and oh joy, began the long ascent back up. At least the flat section had given me time to recover a little. Next thing I knew, I heard somebody whistling and soon came across Alison, looking for Spot, who had taken off before 5.15, been seen sporadically by the front runners, but had failed to come out. I was hoping this wasn’t going to be a repeat performance like Molly’s 4 day jungle adventure. After walking through some long grass and along an old asphalt road, we at least were out.

Alison, sister in law Gill and Cheryl all headed back in a bit later after reports of sightings of Spot. GM Mad Marg started the shout up without them. The hares were given their down down – it was actually a lovely hash, thank you. I must say there are some beautiful trails in Subok, it’s just a pity they’re not user friendly for the old knees. No matter what I think on the way round, I love the scenery and it is good for me having to push myself sometimes because I know I have to get out.

First time guest was Mary from Melbourne who was visiting Mad Marg; Hash Baby was the only July birthday hasher; Rodzi read out 2 jokes about Billy; Pee Wee gave an announcement about the Boy’s Hash 090909th run and Nellie was offering a short term amah. Everyone was perfectly behaved and no hashit was given. Just after the shout up, by which time it was well dark, the 3 rescuers returned with Spot. So their short walk didn’t turn out so short after all. Everyone was just thankful that Spot had been found. The evening was rounded out with bread buns, chicken and coleslaw and some yummy desserts, especially the apricot crumble. Thank you ladies for the food. Yet another good hash night had by all….. On On

SITE: Spg 378 Sg Akar - opposite rubbish tip
HARES: Alison/Sue/Cheryl
11 AUG
SITE: Diplo
HARES: Trailblazer/Readymix/Jenni/Veronica L
18 AUG
SITE: Spg 1087 Jln Muara, Salambigar
HARES: Ruthless Pursuit/Pee Wee
28 AUG
SITE: Dadap
HARES: Julia/Sarah G

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