Monday, August 17, 2009

RUN NO. 2138 - DIPLO

One way of keeping dry - GM under the table
Duchess celebrating 71 yrs and 1100 runs

Brunei's top runway model

The hares - Jenni/Trailblazer/Duchess/Readymix with JM Bunny Girl

DATE: 11 AUG 2009
RUN NO. 2138
HARES: Readymix/Trailblazer/Jenni/Duchess

OK, time to write the words. Just got back from a lovely evening with Possum, Peahen and Magic, so if these don’t make sense – blame them!

Plenty of Hens were gathered around the tent waiting for the off. A quick phone call to Trailblazer confirmed that we were to embark on fairly long run. With no ‘big’ hills. Yah…….. so with Tango on front horn, off we ran at 5.15. We were a fair way in before first check, which was readily found by Mad Margz (MM). I think we call that ‘Hashcraft’. So off we ran, and yes, it was good running trails and fairly flat. However the odd ‘small’ hill started to raise its head. And we could sense the weather closing in. Dark clouds descended, and as we were under a fair whack of canopy, light was disappearing fast.

Second check came along the river. More Hashcraft as Mad Margz was sure it was ahead along the river, so I followed as instructed and indeed she was right. So on we went, and it was at this point that more hills began to appear. And they didn’t seem so small – maybe because we were covering a lot of ground. Up, up, up we went, yet it was a good 20 minutes before we hit upon the final check. We kind of had a handle on where we were by this point, and MM found it on ahead. As it was still getting darker and darker the four of us at the front elected to stay together. A fair bit further on we hit the ridge – yay! On our way out. MM, Tango, Anna and myself had a fairly brisk run out as we didn’t want to be caught in the rain.

The rain started to pan down as we were signing out. It was dark, cold and pretty miserable. Ruthless Pursuit, Magic and a couple of others came out next, and the rest filtered out over the next half hour. I struggled to change in the car, Magic quite sensibly bolted! As I got back to the tent, it appeared that a few were left in. Bunny Girl made a few calls (we are a caring sharing hash!) And we established that most were ok and on their way out. Sadly, Diyana and Tracey were in communicado. So we decided to wish MM a happy birthday and avail ourselves of the delicious cake as she had to ‘hash ‘n’ dash’.

Thankfully the girls appeared, wet and a bit bedraggled, but in good health and spirits! The shout up was well conducted by our returning JM Bunny Girl, there were a couple of first time guests – one of which we were truly honoured to host. Road Runner’s sister had come along, I guess to see what it was that she loved so much! And I’m sure we all hope to see her again soon. Duchess celebrated her 71st birthday and 1100th run – she truly is the most decorated Hen! Well done! The rain just didn’t really let up, but we sat around and enjoyed the hash camaraderie as usual. Madam Sin was on particularly good ‘tidying’ form, and she crushed a can of mine that was actually full. I think I took that as a sign to go! On on! Pee Wee


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