Thursday, August 27, 2009


New Hen Monique and returning hen "Hot Lips" (Karen S)

Looking for 1st check

Waiting for the horn to go
Run No. 2139
Site: Spg 1087 Jln Muara, Kg Salambigar
Hares: Pee Wee/Ruthless Pursuit
Hens: 39 Chicks: 2
Horns: Anna/Eastern Promise
The hens all gathered at a familiar place—Ruthless Pursuit’s backyard! Before the run, we heard the sad news that Virginie Staal’s niece was starting chemo that day, so our thoughts went out to her.

We started out on the familiar walk up the road to the turnoff. Walking more slowly, or gossiping more enthusiastically—depending on your point of view—meant that I was very surprised to catch up to the front runners on the top of a small hill. It appeared that the run was not going as it was supposed to! Front hens had run out of paper while marking through to the place the hash ‘should’ have gone!

We need to go back to first check (*huh? We’ve passed first check?*) was the cry, but no-one appeared to be entirely sure where first check had actually been. Bunny Girl’s cries of ‘horn, horn, who’s got the horn?” Were answered with “you’ve seen my husband, so you know it’s not me!” by someone I shall allow to remain nameless.

After some time spent fruitlessly searching, the very devioius back check was finally revealed after a few phonecalls. Hens can be tricky creatures!! The rest of the hash was relatively straightforward with only swamps and scratchy patches to contend with. Getting back to base we were all reminded that the on-on was at Pee Wee’s new place (*palace—I’d move in, I’m sure there’s room!!*)

Before the shout-up were were treated to a skinny dipping Dizzy checking out the pool. At shout-up, Ruthless Pursuit had abandoned us for an affair at the High Comm so Pee Wee was the sole hare available to give our thanks to. Two new members were welcomed (well, one new one—Monique, and one returning—Hot Lips). “There’s your first stiffie” announced Bunny Girl mysteriously, before correcting herself and handing out the welcome drink.

Alice in Wonderland celebrated 300 runs and Pee Wee 100 runs, both giving their cash to charity (what a caring bunch!) Mad Marg was thanked for the
leadership she has provided over the last month, and congratulated on her new boobs—very perky. Some funny jokes were told, and then Julia was given some very helpful advice on her new marriage (*’Commit murder and be out sooner’ had to be my personal favourite.*) She has threathened us (will treat us) with the wedding photos next week. Congratulations on the happy event!!

Unfortunately, no-one was given hashshit so the lucky previous holder (that would be ME) gets to hang on to it for another week. The food provided was delicious and the rest of the evening passed in a pleasant haze.

Just as an aside, while waiting for the hash to begin this evening I was asked by Julia if I would set a hash with her ‘one day’. With ‘one day’ flating serenely in the future somewhere I said sure. The future quickly zoomed into much nearer proximity, with “it’s at Dadap sometime” plucking my murky memory of last week’s hash when I was asking how to get there because it was in the words for two week’s time—that made it NEXT week now! Dazed and confused at just how fast time moves, I smiled politely. See you there.

NEXT RUN: Jalan Dadap

HARES: Julia/Tania

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