Wednesday, September 02, 2009


Jm Bunny Girl enjoying Speedo's joke

Vigin Hares Rozi & Wina with Trailblazer & Smurf

Anna/Tina L/Hot Lips & Not Yet choosing their Ketupats that Wina and Rozi had made.

Run No. 2141
DATE: 1 SEP 2009
SITE: Mata-Mata
HARES: Wina/Rozi/Smurf/Trailblazer
BACK HORN: Alice in Wonderland

When the heavens opened up at 3 o'clock I did not want to venture outside, let alone do a hash run in slippery mata mata but as I had the softies and had to collect the signs and write up the words i was obligated to be there.

I arrived at the site and realised it was only the dedicated all weather hashers who had shown up. Fortunately when the run started the rain had stopped and at least it was a pleasantly cool evening.

We proceeded up and up along a not too steep climb, then through bracken all the while looking out for pitcher plants and colourful fungi as promised in the words. I did manage to spot some small pitcher plants but spent most of the run watching my feet in the slippery and muddy conditions.

We crossed waterways which luckily had not been turned into raging torrents after all the rain,there were downhill slopes which proved tricky in the mud and the hills were mainly gentle climbs until the final hill which was steep and seemed to go on and on., but the view along the ridge with all the mist was delightful.

On the way out we met up with Peewee and Ruthless Pursuit who after arriving late decided to go in backwards. They did well as they completed the whole run.

First and second checks were found by newly married virgin checker Julia. Well Done!

It turned out to be a very pleasurable run. At the shout up the Virgin Hares and born again virgin hares were given a down down and Melissa a new member who has proved she is definately not a fair weather hasher was welcomed.

Speedo excellently told a joke which is in the running for joke of the year.

When the call for the hashit was announced Wina volunteered for it and tried desperately to be given it but it was denied so Tania is still stuck with the chook foe another week. Maybe this week she will be able to get rid of it of it to a deserving victim. Thank you Wina and Rozi for the delicious curries and tumpi and the colourful Ketupats which they made.

SITE: OPP SPG 329 KG MENTERI - RHS after Menteri Roundabout towards BSB
On On at Madmarg's
HARES: Never Wrong/Madmarg

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