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RUN NO. 2135 - DIPLO

The hashit chicken family
The Hares

Tania celebration 50 runs

RUN NO 2135
DATE: 21 JULY 2009
FRONT HORN: Tango BACK HORN: Eastern Promise

Once again there were not many hens joining the run on a lovely Tuesday evening in Diplo. With our JM having a rest on holiday and our GM as a hare there was a bit of milling around waiting to be organised. At last Dizzy, Eastern Promise and Tango sorted out the horns and then we were off.

As we started out I always seem to forget about the hills in Diplo because it starts so flat. The words spoke of nice trails and a few hills so I took heart in that as we continued up and along the ridge.

As I’m one of the walkie talkies(or just a bit slow) I never saw the checks but I assume our fast front runners found it because we stayed on paper. I did notice a lot of going over and under logs and after a while I was trying to think of a word to describe this sort of running(steeplechase came to mind but I don’t think that was it.) At about the half way point there was a break in the jungle and Tania and I stopped to notice the view – of the development of the Sungai Akar tip. A bit brown still, unfortunately.

Anyway we continued on through the jungle eventually beginning to notice that the logs had changed into vines. I started thinking about Tarzan then, but didn’t see him. We made our way through the jungle back to Diplo coming out exactly the way we went in. A good, challenging but not too hard, run.

With the call of the chook summoning for Hashquiet the shoutup was short and sweet. Must be that new chook! The hares were thanked – well done to Suzie, our virgin hare, as well as Tango and Eastern Promise for being front and back horns. It was very quiet with no first time guests and no new members. Congratulations to Tania for completing 50 runs. She needed a double down down because the head in the wine goblet was too big (although she said she likes it that way).

Smurf told us a joke about a man and his devotion to a sheep ( or was it to his personal needs?) which was very funny and then we came to the hashit. The hashit chook has obviously been a bit lonely because it now has another chook and a baby chook to keep it company during the week. The hashit was given to Christine this week for not signing out. Kelly, who got it last week, was unable to deliver it due to injury so her guest who got her in trouble last week, Mel, did an excellent job of delivering the hashit to a stripped down for action Christine. Well taken!

We then sat down and got stuck in to a lovely meal of chilli(?)and rice which was delicious, followed by some watermelon which was very cleverly cut into tree shapes so we didn’t get our fingers messy. And then enjoyed some great conversation and drinks into the night...... On On


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