Monday, July 13, 2009


The hares On-Up and Diva

From a distance

In the jungle

The Duchess

Boomerang and On-Up with their farewell gifts

Our new chook that talks to you with JM Bunny Girl

DATE: 7 JULY 2009
SITE: Mata-Mata
HARES: Diva/On-Up
FRONT HORN: Magic Roundabout
BACK HORN: Boomerang

Some of us might have been ‘Hashed out’ and ‘beered out’ after the 7in7, but, true to form, it was Tuesday night, therefore LADIES NIGHT, so Mata Mata it was. Possum and I meandered up towards the ridge, checking the pitcher plants on the way. FROPs don’t worry if you didn’t see them as you sped past – they are all fine and healthy!! We stopped and talked to the Duchess. Congratulations to you on a very fine performance on the Limbang stage, dancing with her MJ hat, and looking grand. A true hasher indeed!

The horn sounded as we headed towards the jungle and we soon found The Duchess sitting on a ledge having a rest as we all trotted past her. Soon found Glamour who ha found 1st check before deciding to turn around.

We trudged up, up and up and wondered if the hares were trying to compete wih the hills we have had to contend with all week on the 7 in 7's., and was glad when we eventually went in the jungle as the heat was just getting unbearable.

2nd check was found by Satu Lagi and all the checks were excellent as it cerainly kept the coop together as the front runners were soon behind but not for long as they were soon passing the walkie talkies.

The trails were dry and even the streams were not running too fast, and a bit dry compared to the other side of Mata-Mata.

And so to the on on. Hares Diva and On Up were thanked for a fine run, along with horns. First time guests and new member welcomed and 50th potty to Diva.

Then Bunny Girl, Mad Marg and Tango led our thanks to the organising committee for the success of last weeks 7in7, a sterling effort – well done to everyone, and then we were subjected to a final rendition of “Ladies Night”

The evening then became sad!! Farewells were offered to On Up and Boomerang who had run their last run with us – thanks too must be given to them for their kind words about us!! The library girls gave Boomerang a lovely goblet and both were given a delicious cake. On Up entertained us with a funny joke and Possum told one I didn’t understand!! We wish you well ladies, and in Boomerang’s case, you’ll come back!!! After yummy curry was served the evening settled into a pleasant gossip under the stars, with amber nectar flowing.

And soon there were seven, staying for a ‘satu lagi’ in lieu of Satu Lagi who had to leave early! Oh what a shame! A while later, the stars went in and the rain began to fall, a ‘dua lagi’ had to be taken as we couldn’t possibly drive in the rain!! Then Possum decided it was time to go back to her nest. The only problem was, her car didn’t want to leave its mud bed. The Magnificent Seven leapt into action. Magic jumped into her truck, Madam Sin got a tow rope out of Trev and we all got into action. Pee Wee, Trailblazer, Hash Baby, Madam Sin and I pushed the car, Magic pulled, Possum revved, the rope snapped! We tried again, this time, while tying the rope Madam Sin had to multi-task as all H3 hashers do regularly, and perform an Indiana Jones roll away in the mud to avoid the reversing Magic – all very dramatic. Again, no luck. We sat in the back of the car to add weight, but Possum’s car refused to move. At this point, she decided to abandon the car and go home with Magic. Meanwhile, in the torrential rain, covered in mud, we settled for a ‘tiga lagi’ (purely for medicinal purposes by now – we needed to get warm!!) Eventually, wrapped in towels we cleared the site, and wended our muddy, weary way home in the rain!!
On On

HARES: Smurf/Trailblazer/Satu Lagi - STAY on fresh paper!

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