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The Hares with JM
Visitors for the day

Front Horn all ready to go

All enthusiastic hens with their song BH3

Another section of the enthusiastic Hens

DATE: 30 June 2009
SITE: Spg 791 Jln Muara, Kg Tanah Jambu (Morley Movers) - 3rd of 7 in 7 RUNS
HARES: Mad Marg/Eastern Promise
FRONT HORN: Anna BACK HORN: Trailblazer
HENS: 53 CHICKS: 10 7in7 GUESTS: 60

As I drove up Jalan Muara the gathering black clouds looked ominous - it looked like we were in for a wet run! Sure enough as I pulled up at the hash site raindrops began to hit my windscreen. It was quite amusing to see fellow hashers arriving to the shelter of the tent using their umbrellas. We were about going to go into the jungle in a few minutes and get wet anyway! As this run was run number three for the 7 in 7ers the hens were joined by a few more chicks and strutting cocks! Our illustrious JM welcomed all 7 in 7ers and the horn was sounded. We went in the jungle up near the water tower when I mentioned to Diva I had ‘spots before my eyes’ she replied with concern if I had headache and did I need a rest and drink. I turned to her and laughed ‘no, we’ve only gone up a small incline, its my glasses I can hardly see!’ So off we continued on what turned out to be a very wet, muddy, slippery but enjoyable hash.

The jungle was very beautiful and refreshingly cool. Some fellow hashers including Trailblazer decided that the rain wasn’t enough and had a little swim near the waterfall just before the out trail. I’ve no idea who found what check but I’m led to believe Andy Scott and other cocks could be given the credit.

Once we’d all dried off and got changed into our ‘pink’ attire – wigs, crocs, t-shirts and snazzy leggings! The hens treated the 7 in 7 hashers to a live performance of ‘Ladies Night’ to show how welcome everyone was to the H3 chapter. Bunny Girl proceeded to thank the hares and introduced a first time guest Lisa Cunningham – better late then not at all! (She leaves Brunei next week!) Annette was welcomed as a new member and Tina celebrated achieving 50 runs. By this time Bunny Girl had to shout loudly to be heard above the crowing cocks. They go their just deserts and Stuart was given the Hashit for the BH3.

Happy birthday were sung to Thelma and Never Wrong and we all had a good laugh at the hermaphrodite hash joke.

On a sadder not Bunny Girl explained why our other JM Mrs. Pingu will not be at the hash for the next few months as her daughter is ill and a request was made for anyone with A+ve blood to make themselves known. Our love and thoughts go with Mrs. Pingu and her Family.

This week’s hash is my last hash I return to England next week after 5+ years in Brunei. I’ve really enjoyed being in Brunei and the hash has been one of the highlights –I’ll miss my Tuesday nights! On On On-Up

NEXT RUN: Mata-Mata - On-Up & Boomerang's last run

HARES: On-Up/Diva

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