Tuesday, July 21, 2009

RUN NO. 2134 - DST

RUN NO. 2134
HARES: Trailblazer/Smurf/Satu-Lagi
FRONT HORN: Ruthless Pursuit BACK HORN: Eastern Promise

I was fortunately given a lift to the hash with MagMargz – we noted the location of the signs, and arrived in plenty of time to have a chat with everyone – not difficult as there were so few of us left after the mass exodus away on school holidays. Front and back horns were dually handed out and beep beep off we ran/ walked into a familiar maze of ferns zig zagging this way and that with the sound of front and back horn keeping us marching onwards…

First challenge to cross a small swampy area where the hares had kindly laid some logs to prevent our feet from getting wet..ha ha …one little wobble and I was straight in up to my calves …well what’s hashing all about other than to get wet and muddy? First check on on back, also the second if I remember correctly..by the third, I am too far behind to hear.

We dipped down into the jungle and then took a loop to the right…by this time Sonia and Eastern Promise were comparing notes as to which part of the trail was familiar and had been used before. Soon we were sauntering down a familiar stretch of unused road chatting away but also enjoying the beautiful jungle each side of us.

All in all a nice gentle run and a good shout up by the GM… One guest almost unnoticed as a). She hadn't been introduced at the start of the run …Hashit!!! And b) she was wearing a hash T. Shirt Hmmm! Also for the hashit! ! Was Monique For not signing out … a gentle watering of the feet by Eastern Promise and then when they thought it was too good to be true – a big splash over their heads…brrrrrrr!

Two good jokes – loved the one about Johnny’s letters to God then we all enjoyed a wonderful vegetable curry and halleluiah there were so few of us there, there was enough for second helpings….

On On

HARES: Madmarg/Diana P/Suzie

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