Monday, June 29, 2009

RUN NO. 2131 - SPG 370 JLN MUARA

Hens practising for the 7 in 7 entertainment!

The hares with hens who found Xmas ornaments!

The mass christening

GM sitting pretty or trying to be anonymous or anon ny mouse?

RUN NO. 2131
HARES: CATH C/JULIE ANNE/ROSIE (Named Diva/Mrs Merlot/Bella respectively)

Hares Diva, Mrs Merlot and Bella Indeed it was a Merry Mid Xmas Run. Hens arrived to find a brightly decorated site and to get us in the party mood Bunnny girl and Tango subjected us to, sorry entertained us with a performance of Ladies Night and then, thankfully, the horn blew and we dashed off down 370 to the disappearing rainforest behind Bini Hutan's collapsed house.

First check was found on ahead across a lunar landscape, then hens puffed and panted up a goat track at the top of which Hot Lips found an old hash sign telling us we should be grateful for the fat we had lost ! Hens struggled on red-faced to 2nd check where ladies stood trying to regain their composure and "glowing" somewhat. Peahen took control and forged ahead to find the on paper in no time , with Madam Sin (yes she was actually doing the run) and Hot Lips. Hens surged forwards overtaking the intrepid three, soon to be confused on meeting Eastern Promise, Alice in Wonderland and a couple of others. Obviously they had been clucking away and got onto the out trail instead of the in!

Once again Peahen set off down the hill with her side kicks and were overtaken but not deterred as they crossed the bridge and trotted up hill. Not as fast or far as the other front runners and having made a group decision to cut out back to Bini Hutan's, the trio came upon the out trail and so called the on paper for the poor hens flapping about at 3rd check. Skipping down the trail they were sprayed by 2 Santas with water pistols, but gratefully accepted the chocolates offered and headed happily back to the on site and partook of a refreshing glass ( Ruthless Pursuit actually partook of 5 ) of punch. With hens dressed up in an array of seasonal accessories and the JM changing costumes like a pantomime actor, from Xmas Brunhilda to Vicar of Dibley, the shout up saw down downs galore - 3 hares, 1 guest( Julia), 2 Santas and 7 christenings: The Duchess (Veronica 1090+ runs) Diva (Cath) Bella (Rosie) Mrs Merlot (Julie-Anne) Boomerang (Kate) Clover (Norma) and Thelma (Linda) Then lashings of Yuletide Fare was served up and the hens were VERY entertained by the harmonious singing and wonderfully co-ordinated dancing of the H3 Lively Lasses until numbers dwindled and a few stayed on to kindly help clear up and finish the punch! OH WHAT A NIGHT! Thanks hares ON ON !!

NEXT RUN: Morley Movers (Spg 791 Jln Muara, Kg Tanah Jambu) - 3rd of the 7 in 7 RUNS
HARES: Committee

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