Sunday, January 06, 2008

RUN NO. 2054

DATE: 1 January 2008
SITE: Lucky Gardens
HARES: Jane Woolley/Angela
BACK HORN: Trailblazer
HENS: 26 Guests: 2

The front horn blasted off at 5.13pm for the start of the New Years run.
We sloshed through the mud where the tent was set up and some strolled while others ran full of energy—obviously keen to sweat out all that over indulgence from the last week and New Year’s Eve!!

After a few streams and waddling across gingerly in our hash shoes on slippery logs! we passed Glamour who found the first check but Ah Struth was unaware of this as she ran off up the hill with Naj looking for the first check. Late starters Julie-ann and Rosie ran past us all trying to catch up with the FRBs (Front Running B……..s).
Ah Struth was missing in action so we called her back and it was on on paper again.
Madmarg was behind us talking but she soon disappeared also—she knew where the short cut was and took a leftie and was back at the tent all clean and pristine by the time we straggled out.

We went uphill and down dale on a well worn track except when yours truly managed to find the only bit of slippery mud and down I went!!! Well mud is good for your complexion, don't know about you’re a…...e though!!!
Second check found by front horn Carol.

Thought we were on our way out at 6.15pm but we were led up the Lucky Garden path by the false sign with the word OUT and the arrow sign. It was dark by now so our torches were needed. Voices from the tent could be heard so knew the end was near.
JM Sarah back from holidays presided over the shout up and thanked the hares for setting the run and introduced two returning hashers, Kate and Fiona. Returning hasher Fiona was given a down down and sculled it in one hit like a true hasher.
Thanks to the hares for the Gin and Tonics and delicious samosas.
It was a great run to ease us into the new year.

No hashit this week. Next week is Karen McFarlane’s last run before returning the NZs workforce!!
Nancy ON ON

NEXT RUN: 8 January

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