Monday, January 14, 2008

RUN 2055

Date: 8 January 2008

Site: Rimba

Hares: Karen Mc, Ah Struth & Nancy R

Front Horn: Jan Murphy

Back Horn: Jan Murphy

Hens: 28 Chicks: 1

Another memorable Hash night!

With a heavy down pour at 4.30pm it was always going to be a very wet Hash. The Hares had put a lot of effort in to making a new trail tonight but to no avail as there was no run due to the very heavy rain that continued for quite some time. It would be the first time I can recall that we have never done a run in the jungle due to the weather conditions. It ended up that a few crazy hares were lead around the Rimba compound by Jan Murphy. They were brave people to run in the heavy rain as there were thunderstorms around ….. Quite scary! It was the first time that Jan had been the front horn and back horn on the same night.

We all gathered under Naj’s garage basement - the safest place until the power went off so we headed to the other side of Rimba to Ruth’s basement. Everyone was in high spirits at the shout up and we bid farewell to Karen who is off to NZ, and thanked the hares for the food. Legally Blond got her first warning about talking during the shout up so beware, if you talk during the shout up it will be a Hashit offence, which I must remember as well.

Not long after the shout was over the drains started to over flow at the basement entrance and the garage started to fill up with water. Naj was trying to get us altogether for a few photos and she talked Phil, Ruth’s other half into taking a few photos before he headed out for the night. We took a bit of time getting organized and by then Phil had to stand on the chair to avoid getting his trousers and shoes wet! The water was coming in quite rapidly by then and at the end of the photo session a few ladies carried Phil to his car. Lucky Boy! So again we moved, back over to Naj’s basement to dryer land……where we ended the evening - what a wet wet wet night.


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