Friday, December 28, 2007

RUN NO. 2053

RUN NO. 2053
SITE: Serasa Yacht Club (Christmas Day)
HARES: Emergency Committee
BACK HORN: Readymix
HENS: 11 Hens 4 Roosters

Well it was a motley group of 11 very merry and slightly intoxicated hens and 4 guests that congregated in the pool at the Yacht Club for the Christmas day run.
After many champagnes and the sumptuous feast put on by Reggie and the merry band at the Yacht Club my major concern was that I may sink if I got into the pool or even worse could be embarrass myself as I was rescued by people who were even more merry than myself. After seriously considering the fact that the pool was only shoulder deep I decided I would take the plunge . And what a “bevy of beauty” we were as we floated around in our cozies with drinks held high.

At 5.15 the horn promptly sounded and we all quickly emerged from the pool to grab our shoes (no spikes needed today). With the promise of a fairly short run the front horn was given to Glamour and the back horn to Readymix.

We set off the around the swimming pool and quickly came upon the first check which was found in an instant by Trailblazer. Around to the other side of the pool Naj found the next check. I think the whole run was completed in 10 mins and even after copious quantities of wine and champagne we agreed we need more. Yes More!!!!!!!

The call was made to run to the end of the point, (don't know what it is called) so we all agreed and took off down the road. I started running but found that after a few meters the champagne got the better of me and I slowed to a walk. The road and parks on the side of the road were full of picnickers and motorists and I found this interesting as I had not been down this road before and have always wondered why there is so much traffic continually going past the Yacht Club. The run could have been scenic and interesting except for the amazing amounts of rubbish that was littered everywhere. The nice part was that many of the people we passed were yelling out “Merry Christmas” which was a nice twist.

The shout up then followed with 4 guests, (being all spouses) being introduced and given a down down —my husband being one. “Tell us why you are here” asked readymix and he answers “because I do as I am told”. HHHMMMM! The all enjoyed a cooling green beverage for the down down followed by another swim.

Jan Murphy admitted that she forgot to bring the hashit so willingly claimed that she should be awarded it a second week in a row for this oversight.
We all adjourned to pool again and a few more beverages were consumed before adjourning to the next party. Ah Struth ON ON

HARES: Jane/Angela L

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