Monday, January 28, 2008

RUN 2057

DATE: 22 Jan 2008
SITE: Upper Diplo HENS: 40 Guests: 2
HARES: Alison/Sue/Cheryl

Well after playing 18 holes of golf that morning I was pooped so decided I would only walk and take it easy today. Arriving at the site I noticed that the numbers were down and was wondered if it was because of the earlier downpour—not that we had it at Rimba. Personally I love hashing after rain as the jungle is always fresh and smells sweet and the streams are flowing and as well, Diplo is my favourite hash spot.

We set off up the hill this time (which is usually the way we come out) and the trail followed a scenic ridge with glimpses of a distant view. The first check was called right down in the valley. Hmmm! I was sure the “on paper” would continue down the hill as continuing along the same path would take us too far from Diplo itself (that is if we were to come out at the usual place). I committed myself and took the plunge (and unfortunately gave others the benefit of my limited experience and encouraged them to follow). We slid down the hill swinging off trees only to find Carol with a clump of wet check paper in her hand going back up the hill to compare pieces of the check paper with some possible “on paper” she had found. Sure enough Carol started calling ‘ON ON paper” and back up the hill I staggered—feeling embarrassed about the wrong advice I had so willingly given.

We kept going on and on along the ridge and I thought this is a little strange. When are we going to turn back again towards Diplo? I was walking with Madmarg and Debbie and Madmarg soon confessed that she had heard a whisper that it was an A to B. What a treat!. We plodded on but got further behind so I have no idea who found the next checks but was mesmerized by the beautiful jungle and the glimpses of the view. Madmarg said we would join up with her run from the previous week and I started recognizing parts of that run. The mist kept rolling in and out and whilst I likened it to going to heaven Mad Marg suggested it was like the movie “Gorillas in the Mist” and suggested we may find a gorilla around the next corner. Eventually we came out at the Subok water tower (spg 378) and as we were the last 3 out of the jungle the bus had left but we were greeted by the welcome sight of a 4 wheel drive vehicle driven by Alison with Sue beside her. On arriving back at the shout up site I noted that this was the first time I had hashed at Diplo and kept my feet dry.

Back at the sight there were murmurings that no one could read the words as the print was too small. I agreed and made a mental note to fix in future.
The main event of the night was that Alison was celebrating her 800 runs. WOW!!! CONGRATULATIONS ALISON, WELL DONE! You were obviously a “whipper snapper’ when you first came to Brunei.

The shout up went off well this week and in what seemed a little rehearsed the hashit was given to 3 willing members. It was finally settled on Sarah Hill for licking food off her copy of the hash words—I think!.
We were then treated to some delicious soup and some tiny chocolate muffins—great stuff thank you ladies.


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Tina I said...

good run.. enjoyed the a 2 b.. totally disoriented me!
i did try and short cut at the start by throwing myself of one of the first few ledges!! thanks to sara clements and amanda sparra for hauling me out of a tricky situation, in such war spirit style!!! stiff upper lip and all that!!

loving the hash! im hooked!!