Saturday, January 19, 2008

RUN 2056

Date: 15 Jan 2008
Hares : Madmarg/Linda
Site: Subok 378
Front Horn : Pee Wee
Back Horn: Naj

Well, this week’s run certainly started on a better note than the last! Not a rain cloud in sight and already 4.30pm Tuesday afternoon and it found me hot footing it out of RIPAS Hospital car park only to draw to a snail’s pace by the general mayhem of zillions of workers all trying to get home at exactly the same time down one very narrow exit road… oh the joys of driving in Brunei.

Not to worry its Tuesday, it’s hash nite, it’s gossip catch up nite and once it’s over the week seems to miraculously go quicker!! Don’t ask me to explain it; it’s just a miracle of life!!

The hens collected on this fine Tuesday afternoon at the bottom of the hated water tower hill so it was going to be up, up and in at the start for definite but what else did the run hold for us, leave it to luck, read the words or ask about. I decided to check out the words which sounded pretty positive until Ah Struth decided to fill us in with what she’d heard from the hare. We should be thankful for these little snippets of info but sometimes its better not knowing and today was one of those times. Madmarg says “Short but horrendous!!” Ah Struth tells us Oh dear and to think today I have no choice but to go round… I have to write the words unfortunately. Could I pass this responsibility to a co-hare? Which promptly reminded me where the hell are my 2 friends when I need them? One severe headache was keeping one away but what about the other, thank the whatever as with a few minutes to spare I spotted Sue’s jeep pull into the site.

5.15 and the hens at different rates of progress attacked the up of the water tower hill could this be the hill mentioned on the words and the rest of the run is downhill?? Could I be being very optimistic, several hens decided I was being far too optimistic and probably a bit unbalanced it was probable the altitude getting to me. Front Horn and the front runners lead us all the way up to the start of the grassy bank and on into the jungle apparently having been proceeded by back horn, is this the correct way of the hash? Was someone going to get the hashit? We all had to wait and see!!

The run led on along the familiar ridge trail bearing left down a slight incline and then sharply banking down to the right of the ridge at a fern bank. We believe now that this is where front horn Pee Wee Claire and Tango Mandy S went wrong with the call of CHECKING being heard, instead they sprinted for out… no not on Subok but at Diplo well done ladies for running your own version of the run. The rest of us although I believe we lost back horn as well at some stage of the run so the rest of the hens minus horns carried on in true tradition to find the on paper which was neatly found by Sarah as the call went up ON BACK we traversed the ridge to drop down very steeply to the left.

It was down, down and more down for several minutes as we all negotiated the tangle of roots, trips and slippery surfaces on our way down to the tranquility of a valley not often seen. We then slipped and struggled our way along the banks of the rivers/streams to a point of crossing and the call for 2nd check. Most of the hens were over the stream searching forward so off I went on back up calling checking in a hope I could be right especially considering the hare’s message from the words of one hill up and one hill down maybe this was going to be the uphill and out. Low and behold I was right. After calling the hens back to paper the hill, and what a hill it was, was vanquished by all as we reappeared on the ridge just leaving a gentle stroll out to the water tower again and the eskies.

A lovely, enjoyable, short but still challenging run well done to the hares,one of whom we found out later was a virgin hare well done Linda.

The two lost souls were picked up from diplo, by a kind chariot I think driven by Carol, I did think having rides from chariots was hashitable but someone smiled on the two poor souls as the hashit was widely spread around the hens during the shout up but never came to lie upon them. The shout up proceeded and had a few high and low points if you want details you just should have been there. 3 guests were introduced sorry I can't remember all their names although I do remember 2 were JIS teachers (1 of whom is called Jill I know that because she's my son's teacher) and one a parent of kids at JIS married to a loan service guy, see I was paying some attention to the shout up and not just dobbing people in it for the hashit, Tina was introduced as a new member, great to see new faces, lets hope they all come back.
The hashit having been with several people was finally awarded or was it accepted by Sarah (JM) and Smurf well taken ladies in the true spirit of the hash.

The shout up was followed by the delicious food kindly supplied by the hares thanks again ladies while the food was chewed over so were many discussions on the pros and cons of the new ideas introduced by the new mismanagement, comments are always listened to keep them coming, at least they stirred the hash up!!

HARES: Alison/Cheryl and Sue


Tina I said...

good run, and funnily enough, revisited the same site for the following weeks hash, but at the end.. now that threw me!!!!
Glad i have found the hash here in Brunei.. its my sanity!

Trailblazer said...

Tks for comments. Need to encourage more chats, ha ha.C you on more hashes....welcome! on on Trailblazer