Monday, July 31, 2017

RUN NO. 2553 DIPLO 25JUL17

RUN NO. 2553
DATE: 25 JUL 2017
HARES: Canine Unit - Squeak/Twinkletoes, Holly, Wonder Woman, Duchess of Cambridge
FRONT HORN: Under the Radar         BACK HORN: Ripper

A special Canine Run with the sight of dogs among the hares at the get go. A smallish group as it's still summer holidays for both the international school families. Under The Radar was a virgin front horn who did pretty well learning to ropes. Lots of calling in the jungle too which made it easy for all to hear where everyone is.

Into the jungle we went exactly at 5:15 through the exit of the run of the previous week! Lots of paper in the jungle as many other chapters have been heavily using the site especially when we all know the countdown to the end of Diplo has started. The clever hares have printed paw prints and K9 on the paper as well as colored it which made it super easy to spot. Thank you hares!! First check was tough! It sent hens all over the place through many streams and trails. Finally an "On On, On Paper" was called with the check found by Gin Trap.

Off we went running along the trail filled with many twists and turns, jumping or tripping over roots with a few of commenting, "Hey, this is quite a nice easy run. Not too hilly!" Yeah right... Here comes the 1st major hill (why?!?!). What do we find at the top of the hill? Check number 2! There was a slight confusion in terms of calls which made this hen (LMG) very blur but at last on paper was found by Pussy Galore and Truffles the dog. Down the hill, along the stream, through the bog made by the stream, tall sharp grass but oh so beautiful monkey cups, more water! more mud, more grass, more hills and monkeys! We are finally out and during light. Woohoo! Mission accomplished.
Glamour seen on the trail

Some vertical climbs sideways

Lovely pitcher plants

Some water to finish the run

Shoutout started with the heartfelt thanks to the hares who were decked in their beautiful turquoise Canine Run H3 shirts.

No FTGs or new members but we got a naming! Dear Siaw Yan who from the start has been very helpful, lending a hand to fill in the jobs on the committee and drives a pseudo Knight Rider was renamed by Ripper and GM Hash Hound (dressed in thick jackets! :s and sunnies) to 'Silent Knight'. Shout out ended with Hash

Entertainment in the form of Hashit for *gasp* Wonder Woman! (this is the 2nd ever Hashit she's gotten since the start of her hashing journey) for losing her chair WHICH she carried to her car.. WHICH was found by one of the men hashers the following days..

The infamous Jalan Muara laksa was served which was delivered by Making Bacon at a very.. untimely time? Heh.. while many hens were at their cars changing. :p

Next week's run is at Rapier Range. It is a new trail SO please, cover up yourselves and make sure you have your torches and a fully charged phone! IF you're not at first check by the 30 minute mark, please turn back as the trail would get harder after first check. Hash Smart! Be safe.. On On! Little Miss Gobby, Gin Trap, Icy Bitch

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