Saturday, July 22, 2017

RUN NO. 2552 DIPLO 18 JULY 2017

RUN NO. 2552
DATE: 18 JUL 2017
HARES: Squeak/Twinkletoes/Holly/Never Wrong
Taking in the entry before Diplo is closed for Embassy building

Wild Orchids

Getting ready for start
Off they go in

Once upon a time there were 4 ladies who wanted to get some exercise on a Friday and Sunday morning. They met with dogs to plod the Diplo trails - The dogs, of course, getting far more exercise than them. The ladies would chat and put the world to right. The dogs were intent on checking out new trails, bush crashing and sniffing out the wild life. Jess’s sole mission was to find and sit in as much mud and water as possible. And so was born the “Canine Unit”. Whilst the dogs were unable to attend the actual run they were taken in later and this is their account. Woof Woof? (translation—Are we going for a walk?) Come on Jess and Zulu get in the car. We are going to diplo. We are going to meet Billie, Spot and Kaz! Wag Wag! Your butt smells good today. What’s that smell over there? Just have to go and investigate! Sniff Sniff Sniff—Woof Woof. “Squirrel” “Grrrr I’m leader of the pack. “ thinks Billy “No it’s me!” demands Zulu—the others content to have a walk in the jungle.
A bit of wet trail

 “Oh where have the humans gone now? Why didn’t they follow me? I know the way. Up this hill, down this hill, through this bush (why are the humans taking the long way round?), under the log, round the puddle” (but if you are Jess you go through the puddle and roll in it and put your head under the sloppy water, then stand next to a human and shake to share the love!) This week’s run will have plenty of fallen logs to jump over or go under, hills to climb—two of three times if you wish to go back and check on those still coming up the hill. There will be lots of water if Jess has any say in it and squirrels to run after. Butt sniffing is optional to the humans on the trail. No fighting over pack leader please, there’s a front horn. The dogs are hoping for bones at the on on.
Duchess updating the goings on at Eurohash in Vienna when she joined Smurf/Goodnight Kiwi/Puteri & Duke of Cambridge

Doris after a few years in Brunei and intermittant ladies hashing is now going home to Vienna with her family.

Carol & Survivor celebrating July birthdays with a pavlova.

Hashit for Sophia forgetting to sign out 


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