Monday, July 17, 2017


RUN NO. 2551
DATE: 11 JUL 2017

.. As the sun weakly glinted through the surrounding clouds, a dedicated band of hashers gathered together at the mud flats at the entrance into Lucky Gardens. The afternoon’s rain had left puddles all over the road and turned one side of the street into a quagmire, as Sophia found out to her dismay. The hash tried valiantly to push her car out of the mud, muttering about fulcrums and gear ratios, but in the end it was no use, so it was decided to leave the car where it was and start the hash.

We started in on the trail about 10 minutes late, Bunny Girl jingle jangling with the leaver’s bells (best of luck for the future!), scrambling up the bank to where an old workers’ hut used to be.

The trail went into the loop, then left up the hill onto the ridge line. From there, we headed straight down to the anti-terrorist building and followed the long fence round to the next ridgeline. After another traipse along the top of the ridge, we descended into valley and across the first bridge (thank you hares for not putting us across the alternative fallen tree log route!). Now the trail turned hard left and wandered along the lakeside, offering delightful views of the surroundings. I’ve long suspected that those gorgeous travel shots you see in National Geographic and the like are taken just like this – the view outward looks gorgeous, but if you looked down at your feet (which you really had to do here!) all you could see was puddles, mud and tree roots waiting to catch you and hurl you to your knees. By this time the paper was growing sparse, but luckily we were back near the loop so it was not long before the ‘out’ sign appeared and we made it back safely to the sign out sheet.

After standing around chatting for a while, I picked up the signs and got in the car to drive to the shout up, and this is where the real trouble began. You see, I thought I knew where I was going and this was my first mistake. It was raining again by this time so I had my headlights on and my wind wipers going as I crept up along Jalan Muara in a stream of traffic. After driving fruitlessly around and around in circles, forlornly looking for an H3 sign to put me out of my misery, and with a now impatient and hungry teenager beside me, I decided to go to a little Thai restaurant I know and get some dinner. The Thai restaurant had changed owners since last time I had been there, and now doesn’t make the Thai green chicken curry I had promised myself, but they said that they are trying to hire the previous cook back and I should tell all my friends about the place (done).

I’m sure the shout up was delightful and I have seen from the video that Bunny Girl sung a delightful rendition of ‘Thank you for the hashing’ which was very well received. Thank you hares for a lovely run, I hope the shout up went well too! See you all next week at Diplo. (p.s I know where Tracey lives now)



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