Friday, August 11, 2017


RUN NO. 2554
DATE: 1 AUG 2017

As Pussy Galore wheel-spinned into the hash site at 5:15, she vaulted out of her car and seized the front horn to lead the hens into the jungle.

We fought our way through long wavy grass and did a long climb to be welcomed by the mind-blowing view of the ocean and jungle…we are very lucky to live in such a magnificent place. The front runners (or walkers really!) decided to mix things up and accidentally took the hens in backwards into the jungle. Unknowingly we all did the run backwards and had fun finding checks on a backwards run, but through sheer drive, tenacity and determination we fought against the pressure and led the hens out to safety. Thanks hares for a mix of growth-under, hills steep (burners slow), views stunning, outcrops rocky and grass high (ha ha the backwards run!!).

Leaving the jungle, we were welcomed with delectable gin popsicles where we forgot that we were hot and sweaty from the run but instead at a swim up bar on a tropical island surrounded by our best friends.
As we gathered for the shout out under the stars (the tent and the G&T’s falling victim of car failure), we sat in a circle on child car seats and surf boards as we gathered in to listen to Psycho retelling tales of old where she once created a jungle inferno and nearly set Satu Lagi’s child on fire. We sat wide mouthed and eager to hear more historic hash stories where there was only one beer and the hens took a quick swig and passed it on…those must have been desperate times. Imagine a life without blues, greens and G&T?

Yikes…it doesn’t bare thinking about. Hares this week were Gin Trap, Icy Bitch, Little Miss Gobby and super guest Fi from the UK. We applauded their efforts
and said hello to five (yes FIVE) new guests. Emily from the UK (brought by Tiger Moth) who was visiting on holiday with her Mum, Fiona (who was also a guest brought by Rachel). We also welcomed Fi from the UK who has been in Brunei for two years and has been busy being super mum but is now ready to embrace the ladies hash.

We think she did a great job at teasing Gin Trap to nearly get her into trouble by purposely forgetting her hash handle, she’s one of us already!! We also said hello to Fiona from Ireland who has been here for one year and was brought by Sophia. Our last first time guest was CfBT’er Kathryn from Canada who is really pleased to be in BSB after living in KB and she was brought by Hash Hound. Hannah from Scotland became a fully-fledged member of the hash who spoke fondly of her first run at Subok (Thanks Patsy and Pee Wee) and was brought by Under the Radar. Welcome Welcome Welcome.

 Announcements this week detailed information about 7/7 in September. Application form is in the words and deadline is mid August, so get a wriggle on if you want to be part of the madness. Little Miss Gobby informed us that Kindermusik starts in two weeks so speak to her if you would like further information.

We congratulated Gin Trap as she reached her 100 run milestone. Super effort GT and you even came back after impaling your leg with Bunny Girl during your first Jalan Muara run. We were even given a treat of seeing the scar too! By this point, star gazing and beer guzzling, hash shit started with one and ended with three members enjoying the gift of ice cold water. Katie (for leaving an umbrella),

Where’s Wally for falsely accusing JM for inaccurately calling a hash handle and Hannah (new member) for signing her self in and then forgetting to write a tick after her name…. harsh hash shit call but they all took it well and were beaming with honour and pride after it.

Next week’s run is at Mentiri Waterfalls, please park sensibly off the highway. On-on is at Katie’s house.
Bring a chair

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