Monday, February 01, 2016

RUN NO. 2475 SPG 370 JLN MUARA 26JAN16

RUN NO. 2475
DATE: 26 JAN 2016

Australia day and all the hens gathered to celebrate.  Many visitors swelled the usual weekly numbers and excited chatter filled the air.  The horn sounded and all were off on a most pleasant three kilometer plus walk or run, depending on individual inclinations.  The track was strewn with green and yellow ribbons which were eagerly retrieved with a promise of a reward later.  Once back at the run site, there was plenty to do.  "Sexxx on the beach" flowed freely as hashers busied themselves answering a testing quiz.  Music added to the overall frivolity of the evening.  

The shout up was a lengthy affair due the celebratory nature of the evening. Hares Pee Wee, Hot lips, Patsy, Lickety Quick, and Licker were thanked for their much appreciated efforts.  Awards were given for the previously mentioned green and yellow ribbons secreted along the train. 
Peachy Keen was commended for her role as front horn and Duchess of Cambridge received similar accolades for back horn. 
Lots of first time guests of assorted nationalities made for a busy night.  They included Mouse deer, Angela via her royal sponsor Duchess of Cambridge, Elizabeth, Helen, Keena ( phonetic spelling sorry). It was commented that the Ladies Hash appears to be growing and living proof of that, Ged and Keryn, were welcomed as new members.  Let's hope they have swotted up on the rules before the run this week.  Certainly they went away clutching the obligatory Hash Rule Book. 

The hash was also graced with the presence of Footloose, formerly known as Tongs, unable to stay away and visiting after a seven month absence in China.   

Peahen was called up and received her reward for having completed 500 runs.  It was also announced that the mystery of her Founders Day gifts solved.  A relief to all concerned. 

Announcements were many and varied. The Kids hash is coming up.  Dizzy is having a leaving sale although there seemed to be some confusion about starting times, A yoga workshop.  Velma and Garfield said hello via Never Wrong who had recently visited them.  Prizes were awarded to winners of the quiz.  A very funny joke was told once a suitable pair of glasses had been located, enabling the teller to read it. 
Towards the end of the shout-up one of the kind providers of food was heard to say that they were relieved at the number unwell in the community.  The superabundance of guests had not been foreseen and there was some concern about the amount of food provided,  It goes without saying that these fears proved groundless and there was a surfeit of Aussie tucker, from sausages to lamingtons and a whole lot in between. 
Thanks, Aussies.  You put much care and effort into providing a memorable evening. 

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