Monday, January 25, 2016

RUN NO. 2474 RIMBA 19JAN2016

RUN NO. 2474
DATE: 19 JAN 2016

Instructions from JM before setting off

The Hash run last Tuesday, was expertly laid by the elite athletes of Rimba Armada and Jalan Muara (Super Trooper, Full Steam Ahead, Sam I Am, Wonder Woman and Virgin Hare: Tiger Moth).

 Like the ‘Elite’ athletes that they are, and in keeping with their style, the first check they laid was very tricky! Bloody Hell!! There was some confusion amongst the hens about what was happening in the jungle, until the clear, loud voice of Mean Machine was heard clearly announcing…. "Checking from here!". Good work Mean Machine! (Give her a beer for displaying correct hashing protocol). Then the trail was found and ‘On, on, on paper’ was heard up ahead.

The trail was fairly flat and brought the hens out of the jungle at the side of Rimba Ar-mada and back to the tent. What was that foul (fowl) smell ??? Apparently Smurf strategically attempted to clear the smell from the drain. Wow! Now that is going above and beyond the duties of a JM. (Give her a beer as well!) The shout up began by the usual call of "Gather round, gather round" from Twinkle Toes. The five hares gladly accepted their ‘down, down’ for successfully laying the run and Yogi Beer randomly sang ‘Like a virgin’ for our virgin hasher. Nice work! The talent amongst our hens is truly amazing!
Guest and new member all ready to start off

Front horn was the agile Mrs Pingu and she was on time! Back horn was Hornbill, who wasn’t on time!! The Hen House Harriers welcomed two new members: Lykker and Steph. Welcome, Welcome, Welcome. We hope you behave yourselves! It was then announced that our beautiful, Lifetime Member Alison has completed 1150 runs. Bloody amazing. Well done and congratulations! It was also announced to read the words carefully next week about the rules of hashing. Otherwise there may have to be Professional Development administered in the form of scenarios and role-plays.
Pang sisters

Shit no! All Hens were asked to please bring a stubby cooler/coolie each week to ‘cover it up!’ and put your rubbish in the rubbish receptacle (now that’s a big bloody word for a Tuesday night)! Just before the beautiful Nosh was served, Peachi Keen and Mean Machine were given Hashit. Peachi Keen came prepared and stripped down to a very sexy 1960s costume, a swim cap and some snorkeling goggles. Very funny! Was it just me, or do you think that she always expects to get hashit? Why??? Anyway, next weeks run is an Australia Day run at Patsy’s. The run has a combination of Bruneian terrains. Prepare to go ‘down under’ and get wet and muddy. Wear something Australian and PLEASE BRING A CHAIR! On On x

---------BRING A CHAIR------------

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