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RUN NO. 2477
DATE: 9 FEB 2016

Waitangi -  It is New Zealand Day commemorating the signing of The Treaty Of Waitangi between the British and The Maoris Chiefs of New Zealand, in 1840.

What an awesome run! A choice of the short or the long! Love a long one me. My generous tracker recorded a whopping 9km which pleased the "runners" enormously! "More like these please," they cried unanimously. It was probably between 7/8km - perfect! We even got a group photo. Honored to be included in this elite motley crew.

The long run itself is a bit of a blur, just kept going! I remember it started off with a bit of a tricky situation on the moonscape, we could not find the check paper! Ryvita found the check and we waited till the pack arrived to avoid any lost hens! Hash hound being a cunning sort, joined 15mins late and found it after a phone call to the noble hares.

So, on we went up and down, not too many evil hills after last week! The best was to come and we carried on deep into the jungle and took a right at the fence to head into more jungle and as far as the Mentiri dual carriage way.

Did a U-turn and bumped into Hot lips, Dizzy and Where's Wally which came as a surprise to me but it seems I had missed another out sign!

Kept running and all of a sudden had Hash hound and Mean Machine come up behind me and flew past me as we reached the golden yellow paper check found by someone!
After this I bobbed along and by now it was getting quite dark. Had to regularly stop and check I was on the right track. Started calling on-on to check who was around. Heard a call, so was not all alone! Popped out on the road to then have Ryvita appear close behind! Where's Wally had got a bit lost, living up to her name it seems ;-)

At the shout up, there was a parade of Waitangi run t-shirts of old and many wore our brand, spanking new caps! Thank you very much kiwis and token kiwis for your generosity.
Smurf managed the shout up all on her lonsome.

A round of applause for Els being the oldest hasher to successfully complete the 5km (short run) but a shame she forgot Icy Bitch's handle...senior moment!

We actually had a couple of awards tonight for "Over This" who made...sorry Ripper belched very loudly...50 runs for "Over This" and funnily enough, later, it was Ripper called up for her 100 run potty! Too funny!

Then it was time for a "Well done" to everyone who helped retrieve Tigermoth's car from the ditch. We don't normally have a pre-hash warm up! A special thank you to Dizzy who drove the car out!
Hash-it for Peachy Keen who was gutted as she has forgot her bathers and Over This who was excused for her crime, but reappeared to shelter Peachy Keen from the icy water! No recollection of the crimes - sorry!

Finally, a very important announcement, that "special" liquid treats may now become available for those interested. Details to appear on FB page. G & T, Rum & coke are the suggestions thus far. $1 for the mixer. Tokens as usual for the strong stuff!

That's it! No jokes, again! Will make sure we have one next week ;-)

Short run report—
The run started from the Hare’s house onto the road, then turned left into a moonscape area .

Was surprised to see the front runners standing around at a certain bush area which was a check but no check papers were found so they kindly alerted the back runners of the way in ( hares later confirmed there were check papers but nobody found it ) I believe Hash Hound who went in later did.

Good clear trail in except for some tree trunk obstructing the path, no big hills to grunt up on.

Approaching the Internal Security fence I saw an OUT sign and was happy to follow that. Turned out that was the Short run and there were only 4 of us at the front! Goodnight Kiwi found the check papers and she was very proud of herself! Racheal seemed to have gone AWOL but caught up near the lake. She had gone checking and lost her way!

Skirting the lake and walking along the hill side we made our way out.

Yogi Beer and Hornbill

NEXT RUN: DIPLO - VALENTINE RUN - Wear pink/red/hearts!

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