Monday, February 22, 2016

RUN NO. 2478 DIPLO 16FEB2016

RUN NO. 2478
DATE: 16 FEB 2016

I jinxed it when I was trying to positive and said out loud NO HILLS! All in vain and to be brought back to reality by Amanda, "Be realistic! It's diplo!" Off we all went on the paper trail with Peachi Keen on the front horn running with the front pack and Pedigree Pup on back horn.
I'm guessing front pack eyes were looking hard more so for the laminated hearts than the paper because they were 'lost' again when in search for the trail into the jungle. Up, up, up, up, some little downhills and a couple of streams we all went through the familiar and well used diplo trails. First check was found by Lykke and the second by Hash Hound. 
The third, the doozy.. reminds me of a  person plucking away at a flower, "He loves me, he loves me not, he loves me, he loves me not, he loves me! he loves me not..." Gin Trap was first to shout, "On On On paper" (he loves me!) only to realise 3 seconds later that was the trail she just came out from. Had to keep calling upon realisation "Checking!", "Paper cancelled" (he loves me not..) further uphill she went and found more fresh paper (he loves me). Didn't want to make another mistake and asked for help to check, I went following the paper, it went for a good 20m then it stopped again (he loves me not).. Went hunting for about 10m and found more paper! woot! (he loves me!) Only to be met by the back of the pack walking towards me.. (he loves me not..) After much confusion and consultation among friends, Hash Hound finally found the correct paper trail with a super enthusiastic and relieved ON ON ON PAPER! (HE LOVESSSSS ME!!!)
Up, down over fallen trunks and more, out of the jungle we went. I found hearts close to the end of the trail and was sooo happy to get a heart. Ingrid took 3! Each of a different colour as a caution from a previous run where she lost out on the prize because she didn't pick all the required colours BUT for the two of us, it was all in vain cos ours weren't laminated.. boo! 

What players these valentine hares were but all was redeemed with peace offerings of cold Special Refreshment as well as Rose Bandung along with beautiful heart cookies and scrumptious carrot cake WITH creamy tangy frosting. Dizzy went around with chips and tzatziki too to tantalise the tastebuds along with little straw coin bags just for our tokens. (Thank you again Dizzy! xx) 

Hashed and dashed so all info from here on were gathered from other people.. At shoutout, Yogi Beer entertained with 2 jokes, there was NO hashit (Peachi Keen, you've been a good girl!) and Recruiter received her 100 runs award (Congratulations!).
Those who found the laminated hearts, traded them in for chocolates and we welcomed 2 new guests and a new member Rachel (woots! welcome, welcome, welcome).

Announcements; Kids Hash on this Sunday at Salziela Gardens and a reminder, no new guests for kids hash. Dinner I bet was scrumptious. Thank you Valentine hares for all your hardwork in decorating and just going all out in making it so lovey dovey.
Scribed by Rachael & friends

NEXT RUN:  CNY run next week at Simpang 420, Jalan Muara. Kg Sg Tilong. Please bring a chair as no tent ordered. 
LAYING PAPER: Trailblazer/What Butt/Rachael
FOOD catered by the Chinese members & some wannabes.


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