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RUN NO. 2473 DIPLO 12 JAN 2016

RUN NO. 2473
DATE: 12JAN2016

An enjoyable run with a bit of a difference at Diplo. Thanks to Led Astray, Patsy, Pedigree Pup, Peachi Keen, and Rachael for a well laid run. It was a nice 4.4km with everything we want for a jungle run; bush, water, hills and trails.  (Excuse the plagiarism but I’ve been up all night trying to book international flights on sale – not telling you which one or I’ll never succeed!!) 
 Hares relaxing.....

To be honest I’m still getting over my last international flight so was lagging at the back of the run so can’t tell you much apart from the fact a very red faced Recruiter finally overtook me having been lost at a check!! It was generally agreed that it was a good work out for us all after our holiday indulgences. A good length but not too long although Ola, Ariadna’s second time guest commented that it was ‘very moist’. 
Waiting to go...

It was generally agreed that the front and back horns, Mean Machine and Alice In Wonderland respectively, both did a good job. From what I understood Peachi Keen is owed a lot of hashit. No one got it this week because she still hasn’t returned the bucket!! There were quite a few first time guests this time although a few escaped before the Shout Up. Mean Machine introduced a Canadian living in Australia and with all this information to process, I apologise for missing the name! Tracey from the North of the UK (a different more honest species to southerners) was sponsored by Mrs Pingu. Stephanie from Scotland (currently still part of the UK, a touchy subject I think we should avoid) was introduced by Where's Wally. 

There were a lot of announcements!!(Remind me not to volunteer to write up the words at the beginning of the year!)

* The Kids Hash has had to introduce a Wait List since hashing has been reduced to a mere shuffle, due to 300 plus members. However guests who have already attended once will not be turned away and still have the opportunity to join
* Gin Trap offered to do a group order for MudClaws (Not what they sound like but a pair of shoes!! I have some and they’re almost essential equipment for H4, if you like to stay vertical!)
* New Zealand Run on 9 February

Finally we had amazing Malay cuisine thanks to the hares! 

Next week’s run is at Rimba and laid by Sam I Am, Full Steam Ahead, Wonder Woman, Super Trouper and Tiger Moth.  A scenic route, we thought, with no swamps we hope!! It’s a fairly level
route with a well laid path for 3-4 kilometers we think (none of our gadgets were working!!). On On!!

NEXT RUN: RIMBA HOUSING - Bring them sprays!!! Mossie country...

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