Tuesday, January 12, 2016


RUN NO. 2472
DATE:5 JAN 2016

Another lovely run in one of our favorites, gorgeous Sungai Akar/Salambigar/Mentiri jungle. Thanks to The Recruiter and Wonder Woman who laid two weeks in row, for inviting us into the goodness of what this jungle has to offer us.

Hashers were given 2 options with both approximately 3km plus an additional 2.5km road run or bus tour  back to check-in for white paper. First check was found by Ryvita, second check...umm as far as I am right (which is obviously rare cases), I think there was only 1 check until the part where papers split into white or yellow trails. On the white trail, no dramatic or torturing hills thus not much swearing and moaning to be heard so far until Peachi Keen flew into the air at the sloping down hill towards the creek and landed safely in Mean Machine's arm.

Yellow paper was a scenic route through jungle, a massive concrete structure in the middle of nowhere and the back fencing of RTB. Mostly flat and downhill, it was a nice little run through with added bonus of a wave hello from the security guard of RTB who happened to be wandering around the area. Back to the road with the choice of sticking by the side of the main road or the grassy area which turned out to be a muddy option! (irony of it being a pretty dry run through the actual jungle!) Some confusion for some yellow runners when white runners appeared behind them on the road. Did we miss a turn somewhere. How can front horn/front of the pack be passing the end of the pack?!
Huge thanks to Rush Hour as Front Horn and Jenny On The Block as Back Horn.

We had quite a few first time guests, but only one of them; a very well trained guest from Sweden (Good job Gin Trap), stayed for On On. No Hashit despite Peachi Keen being so well prepared in swim togs for getting one for three possible convictions (1. keeping rubbish bins for more than a month, 2. keeping Hashit bucket and chickens for more than a month, 3. came to hash with no plate for potluck dinner) [peachi keen, you're just asking for it!! But surely we won't Hashit a hare on her run]. Announcements by bashful Smurf who placed herself behind a bushy plant to avoid being paparazzied was about the Scott's night at Yacht Club. 

Next weeks run is at or another beloved site Diplo. Hares are Gorgeous Ultimate Five; Led Astray, Patsy, Pedigree Pup, Peachi Keen, and virgin hare Rachael. Follow the pink paper that will invite you to nice 4.4km with everything we want for a jungle run; bush, water, hills and trails. So prepare to cover your skin unless you don't mind getting scratches and tatty frocks and footwear as you'll get soaked. There'll be an option for easy goers, U-turn at the first check with a pile of 'Yellow Paper' will give you a nice and short 3km run.  

On On xxx

By Rachael and Peachi Keen


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