Monday, November 30, 2015

RUN NO. 2466 DIPLO 24NOV15

RUN NO. 2466
DATE: 24 NOV 2015

What Butt with Kaiyisah

Wet? No problem.

The recee with Junior Hash member Kaiyisah

Wet, wet, wet, muddy, muddy, muddy, slippery, slippery what more can I say!
Hares - Jenni/Hotlips/Pee Wee & Trailblazer
Waiting for the hens to start their run.

Glamour coming in on the out trail.

A short run in the gloom with water falling from the sky! Muddy start, middle and end. Flat then up and then down, to the tune of 'Slip sliding away'. 'One hasher on her bum as that was safer than trusting her knees!
Waiting to start

All smiles with Lassie (with bells)

One check- follow the river, turn right, follow the tributary and you're 'on paper'. (N chance of keeping your feet dry.) All good and easy until Yogi Beer runs out of paper to lay through. Never fear - Downward dog and Itchy feet halve all the paper they can find and no one gets lost. Then it's up-up, up and a beautiful undulating run via?George's (that Bill's dog - ed) or Bill's ridge to the end.
(There was a 2nd check.... did no one find that? at the top of the ridge. Ed)
First check found.

'Happy is the bride that gets rained upon' is a saying - Well if it is 'Happy are the JM's that get wet' we will have a VERY happy year.
And out....

Welcome to Downward Dog's mum visiting from Florida. A tearful goodbye to Lassie (thanks for the jingle round the forest). Good luck in Kazakhstan.

Lovely food thanks Lassie and a wet drive home

See you all next week.


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