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RUN NO. 2463 DST 3NOV2015

RUN NO. 2463
DATE: 3 NOV 2015

Hares: Yogi Beer/Goodnight Kiwi/Trailblazer

It was quite a night for the Ladies Hash on Tuesday. A fun filled evening for a very good cause, Breast Cancer awareness. Probably all of us know someone who has suffered this terrible scourge, if not breast cancer then one of the other cancers, all equally devastating.

The site looked festive as we arrived at DST and we got stuck in to the job in hand – preparing the donated gifts for the tombola. 

Front runners: Itchy Feet & Ryvita

Then the horn sounded and we were off into the jungle walking past the security guards, guarding the jungle?!*@! What a boring job, we must have made their day!

Most of the run was easy walking and nice and then there was the stinky swamp! ( I got home to discovered there was no water at my house! I managed to squeeze a basin full for a chilly mandi, not enough to scrub the mud off my legs though!)

Back at the site the tombola and raffle ticket ladies were in full swing encouraging the hens to part with their cash. 
Happy winners

Smurf & Twinkle Toes

The shout up got under way with guest star GM in fine form. The hares, Trailblazer, Goodnight Kiwi and Yogi Beer were thanked and down-downed. Front horn Mrs. Pingu and back horn Full Steam Ahead were also thanked.

We had a first time guest, Geraldine an ISB teacher from UK. Two returning members, Rachel and Rush Hour. 

Announcements – See Peachy Keen for sponsorship for Cancer Awareness Week.

Yogi Beer will have purple v-necked tee shirts for sale next week.

Alison had baked goods for sale.

Raffle and Tombolo raised (at least) $450. (thanks to all)

Yogi Beer, again, bacon for sale. Zumba at Health Promotion Centre, 8.30 – 10.00
(think this is on Sunday!)

Smurf announced St. Andrews Society will have their Chieftain’s Dinner on the 12th November at Kota Batu Yacht Club. See Smurf for details.

Smurf also ‘hinted’ that supplies would be limited on Founders Day, nudge nudge, wink, wink!

Please BYO as there is no selling on the premises.

Yann told us that Yacht Club members will sign in as usual at RBYC and non-members need their IC or passports as surety.

Psycho ‘encouraged’ us with her dulcet tones to buy notebooks.

Then onto entertainment, Black Beauty and Yogi Beer delivered jokes and Mrs. Pingu got the Hash Shit for ‘failing to inform her guest she needed to pay for the run’,

Phew, lots of information.

A very entertaining evening for a very good cause.

Next week’s run is at Diplo. Usual Diplo run, ups and downs with a bit of water thrown in.

NEXT RUN: DIPLO - Bring and share a plate of food.

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