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RUN NO. 2465 SERASA 17NOV2015

RUN NO. 2465
DATE: 17 NOV 2015
Hares Ryvita & Mean Machine

So here's the first run report for a new hashing year. Founders Day, where to start? Ryvita and Mean Machine had been very busy preparing a whole lotta fun for us, no ordinary run was it to be!
Signing in
Instructions from Hare Mean Machine

Everyone was put into a te4am and each team had to complete a series of tasks to gain wristbands, the winning team having acquired the most bands.
One of the teams

 I think. This is where I'm not much help in explaining what happened next as I was duly manning my post.  Our pondok involved looking at a Christmas scene, running round the back and recreating it exactly the same. This was rather well done by most teams, Rachael had a total mental block on where the red tree topper should go, but her team rallied round and Rainbow Connection nailed it! I have no idea what any of the other tasks were but I know they involved sand bags, Frisbees and buckets of water and blindfolds.
Game in progress

Duchess (Veronica) with
Survivor (Judy)

Rainbow connection before the run

Latest addition starting young

Velma & Sarah leaving for home (Australia)

Upon return to the YC, a song had to be performed and we were treated to a cracking performance by the winners!

The shout up was fabulous, our outgoing JMs did a fantastic job. The rest of the hash certainly did Bling it on, my eyes hurt from all the sequins. Awards were presented \, outgoing committee thanked, incoming committee introduced, and as often happens on Founders' Day, the night then descended into the usual debauchery and destruction.  The bar did a good job, I'm just surprised there was anything left at all.

How to top that next year? As the oldest ladies-only hash in the whole wide world, we reach the ripe old age of 50.  So let's make this our best year yet! onon

NEXT RUN: DIPLO - Lassie's last run

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