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RUN NO. 2440 SUBOK 309 26 may 2015

Run No. 2440
Date:26 May 2015
Hares: pee wee n friends
As predictable I am wide awake at 5 am local time. So here goes n hope it gets to you in good time.


We had been asked to be a few minutes early n so most were already milling around when I arrived with usual basket in hand n rushing to get changed. 

The hares with their team were glamorous in their 2015 vogue designer uniform n some even managed heels. Bunny Girl rallied the "crew" and "passengers" were briefed with safety procedures! Havent seen a songkok so well adorned - collective talents galore entertained the hens before the horn sounded n off we went towards the usual n unavoidable ridge.

Luckily after the first up up up up n once on the ridge the gentle down home was pleasant n threat of rain did not materialised. With the down by the waterfall n gardens we were soon home for more entertainment by the "crew" including a quiz on airport codes. PVG and SGN got a few foxed although a couple managed full marks. Gifts were awarded to the winners including those who found "aeroplanes" during the run.
Two new members were welcomed n hashit given to"jenni OTB".

Cocktails with assorted flavored peanuts had earlier greeted hens as they came back to the tent. A meal served "on board" style went down a treat n the evening continued as usual under the stars with some finishing quite late into the night. Thank you ladies for a fun Tuesday evening.

I promised to send a bit of a report on the Thirsty hash as I landed in Liverpool. It was fortunate the once a month last Thursday hash was near Sticky Rice's digs so of we went looking for the named start point "The Peerless Brewery". An interesting start n on on venue n expectations were high. Mental note "Is this what Smurf gets up to when she is hashing at home". Introduced ourselves to a few hashing looking people n were soon sitting around having a half? This is new - we haven't even started walking let alone run? At about 7 pm done watch looking began n remarks of finishing up n starting the hash was heard. We soon set off and gathered by the entrance for a photo n then it was off on the flour trail. The run was through streets n very different to hashing as we know it. Great views of the city across the Mersey n a few regroups n we were soon home at the brewery having covered 4miles. Miles? Oh yes forgot they are not quite into the metric business. Being May it was great to be in the light n not requiring torches. Circle was at the street corner with all 12 of us doing the usual down downs with refreshments brought in a bag! Then to the brewery n snacks produced by the hare. Great company with few members who obviously have been on the international scene judging by their t shirts. As it was the first day in the UK glad Julian and I managed to stay awake and headed home by 10 by taxi and the train. A quick good night to Sticky Rice and a note to meet the next day. An interesting experience!

Enough of ranting now. See you all in ten days. On on

NEXT RUN: Lucky gardens- mid year run. Aussie Icons
Hare: Jms n helpers

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